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What Olivia Cooked; Mary Berry’s Flapjacks

After the finale of the best baking programme on television (or best programme full stop), it seemed the best way to curb my Mary Berry and Paul ‘I-could-swim-in-your-eyes’ Hollywood withdrawal symptoms was to crack on with testing out some of Queen Berry’s recipes. I opted for one of the more simpler sweet options; and was pleasantly surprised by how outstandingly easy a damn good flapjack is-something I’ve always believed to be ludicrously complicated, but really takes under an hour- what a delight!

You will need:
-125g of butter, plus a little extra for greasing
-90g golden syrup
-90g light Muscovado sugar
-250g rolled oats
-Cake or roasting tin to pop it all in (roughly around 20x30cm)


1. Combine the butter, sugar and maple syrup into a saucepan until all the ingredients have melted and mixed.


2. Stir in the oats (look it’s a bit like a real flapjack!)

4. Pop into your pre-greased tin and pat it flat (technical term) and pop in your oven (at 180C) for 30 minutes. I left it longer as I was worried it was still too gooey, but once you take it out it does set! (probably obvious…) I also drizzled a little dark chocolate over the top to make it a little more interesting! You could also try sweets or dried fruit!
5. Leave to cool until cutting and removing to photograph/eat. Enjoy!


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