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DIY Spring Flower Mug

Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did

Bloomin’ marvellous…

A couple of weeks ago, around Mother’s Day- my nan and I paid a visit to Cath Kidston HQ to join in on a wonderful Grace & Thorn DIY session- making some gorgeous floral arrangements in some of Cath’s signature mugs- and the perfect hand made gift! It’s safe to say after the evening I felt massively inspired, so much so that I was determined on putting my new (limited) floristry skills to the test and giving it a go myself (creating a wee step by step in the process too)! Although you can select some foliage and blooms from your garden, I picked up a small selection from my florist (a market would be good too)- to create my selection, but you can work with whatever you have to hand really!

Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did

You will need:
– Floristry tape
– A pair of scissors
– A bunch of foliage
– A small bunch of small flowers
– A couple of bigger blooms to create a focal point
– A mug of your choice (I love Cath’s selection for a nice wide cup)!

Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did

1. Fill your mug half way and take your tape, cut it into strips the width of your mug, and create a 3-strips-across/wide grid on your mug- make sure they are stuck down, in order to support your flowers!

Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did

2. To create your mini-bouquet, start by inserting foliage in the furthest corners, and building inwards. This helps create a good base (and to disguise any tape too)! Try and go with the ‘movement’ of the flowers, so if they fall in a certain direction, try and compliment that by where you place them in the mug.
Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did

3. Gradually start building up and adding some delicate flowers into the mix. Try and keep things balanced, and keep your focal flowers (i.e the bigger blooms) central, or balanced with one another on each side.

4. Keep building up your bouquet, filling in any empty spaces with foliage and smaller flowers- so you don’t have any gaping gaps or spaces!
Flower Mug DIY What Olivia Did

5. Give your flowers as the perfect gift (and they can use the mug for a biiiig culpa afterwards too)!


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