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Beauty Loves: April 2015

Because you know I’m all about that face…

This month appears to have (again) turned into a bit of a Tilbury tribute, with her Blush Brush, Cheek to Chic Blush (in First Love) and Retoucher Concealer all forming big staples in my every day make up routine. The blush is a fantastic alternative to more rosy shades I normally opt for (without being too contrasting), a warm mix of peach and bronze tones, which certainly make this pasty Purvis look a bit healthier. Matching that, I’ve also been loving the Tom Ford Cream and Powder eye colour in this golden peach from his Soliel collection (which also comes with a teeny mirror too) and Chantecaille Mascara, which has pretty much matched my Roller Lash love and is infused with rose making for a pretty sweet-smelling product (have you ever heard of a scented mascara?! Me neither). To prime I’ve been turning to this pretty bloody brilliant Smashbox number and Fresh Sugar Lips Treatment. I’m pretty new to both brands, but have fallen head over heels with Smashbox’s ‘photo ready’ and ‘flawless finish’ feel and Fresh’s signature Sugar lip products, so will report back when I get round to trialling some more of their bits too! Finally- my numero uno love this month comes in for my talons- and has been the Butter Foundation polish (and their mint shade ‘Green Fairy’ as part of their ‘High Tea’ collection)- which, being a nail novice, is pretty groundbreaking. In short- if your nails are a brittle and damaged as mine, it acts like a primer to resurface the nails, create an amazing base for polish and enhance colour too- j’adore.

Charlotte Tilbury Brush | Blush | Retoucher | Tom Ford Shadow | Butter Nail Foundation | Butter Nail Polish |  Smashbox Primer | Sugar Lip Treatment | Chantacaille Mascara

Beauty Favourites April 2015

Hair, body and skin…

Now for the wind down picks! This month I’ve been test running the John Freida Beach Blonde range, which channels the idea of giving your barnet a proper cleanse during every wash- removing all the grime, sand (if you’re a ‘beach blonde babe’) and the rest- leaving you with a perfect mane- basically, a little like the once-a-week Sunday shampoo, but for during the week! For the ‘make-up’ removing bit, I’ve been turning cult favourite Oskia’s Cleansing Gel, followed by the Origins GinZing Eye Cream and Original Skin Serum– which has actually just come to an end and seems to be the only product that can keep spots at bay and do a great priming job too (rest assured I shall definitely be picking up another). Finally, I’ve also been loving Lush for bath time comforts (any real surprise there?) and this rose bubble bar has been supplying suitably fancy baths- not badio!

Beach Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner | GinZing Eye Cream | Origins Serum | Oskia Cleanser | Rose Bubble Bar

Beauty Favourites April 2015

The new signature…

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a big Diptyque fan. Their candles fill a room within the first five minutes of burning (and, ahem, make for excellent make up brush storage afterwards), every time I’m in Paris I try to fit a visit in to their beautiful flagship- and their scents really are second to none (yup, no wonder they’re a cult blogger favourite). Last week I was lucky enough to visit their beautiful Selfridges concession for a fragrance fitting– something I had no idea what to expect from (‘How can someone ‘fit’ fragrance?!’), and something I was pretty enchanted by the whole way through.

In short, the wonderful (and exceptionally knowledgable) Pascale at Diptyque, spent some time with me, blindly smelling their fragrances, establishing the smells I go for (soft florals and citrus notes) and talking me through how to layer some of the gorgeous fragrances in their collection to my taste in order to create a bouquet of different smells, and how wear their perfumes in different ways. It was such an interesting hour, and left me feeling pretty filled with knowledge and exceptionally clued up about the magical world of fragrance, and how their scents are formed (usually of a single note, and essentially using all extracts of each ingredient)- meaning I could pick something I would wear time and time again.

If you fancy giving it a go yourself and are as big a fan of the brand as I am, you can simply book ahead to make an appointment (it’s best to give them a call)- or even head along with some friends for what I’d call a bit of a ‘perfume party’ too!

My favourite scents…

Tam Dao | Oyédo | Eau de Lierre | Ofrésia


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