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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...

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Liv Loves: Kitty Gallannaugh


”Softly, softly tred the city streets. The daylight flooding out the noise, your eyes are electric but backed with sleep, the world around is frantic. You tiptoe and twirl amongst the sights, letting everything but your glow loosely slip away. The trees stand above you now, tired by the noise, unable to cover their ears. You take comfort in their roots, making a bed of grass to rest your feet. Heart beating slower, the calm washes over you like a wave as your spine tingles in appreciation for the slumber sheet. Cradled by nature, your hair as your pillow, you slip into the dizziness of summer sleep. The world is silent now, you can breathe in the evening air. Lungs swirl behind your ribs. Soon your nest of leaves floats away as you stretch into the sinking sun. It’s time to fly home for the eve, let the wind dry you as you go. The day etched into your mind as the golden haze, fly home young fledgling for the Moon is your flight.” – Kitty Gallannaugh

The words of a girl who oozes creativity, whether it be in words, or behind the camera. A girl who’s talent knows no boundaries, and whose work simply gets better with time. When the gorgeous Kitty and I met up last month (in the midst of our brief summer spell) I knew I was in capable hands. With her images pouring with beauty, purity, whimsicality and dreaminess, you can almost feel the love and care that has gone into planning and taking them (and to think she makes it look easy!) Using her camera as if it were a magic wand, below are some of the pictures that were taken, along with some of her other incredible work. I caught up with her this week so you could find out a little more about the lady behind the camera…


Hello Kitty! For those that haven’t come across your gorgeous photography before, tell us a little about yourself…
I was born in August 1990 and have been photographing for a huge part of my life. I can’t say I’m passionate about it, my emotions far exceed passion, it’s definitely programmed into me in my DNA. I live in a little Edwardian house in London with a lavender garden and spend my days getting my feet dirty shooting or staring into Photoshop.


What began your initial love for photography?
I grew up in a very artistic family, someone was always creating something. I was constantly gluing things together (much to my parent’s dismay) and I would spend hours watching my mother photograph. I shot so many film photos as a tiny thing and I began to experiment with digital photography when I was 13. I think that was what really sparked it inside me.


Which other artists, or people, inspire your work?
I think it’s constantly being inspired, not just by particular people but by living. I saw a couple in the street last week, they were so happy and in love that they moved as one – and it inspired me to try and evoke more emotions similar to theirs in my photographs. Otherwise, I am always a sucker for Tim Walker’s work as well as Annie Leibovitz and Sally Mann, they are hugely influential human beings.

What would you say, if any, has been the highlight of your photography career to date?
Everything as a whole! It’s a journey and looking back on the progress as a complete series is my highlight. I get to work with so many lovely people, make new friends and constantly create new art. Every day is an achievement to me, when I have my camera around my neck then that job then and there is the most important thing to me.


How do you get such imaginative inspiration for your images?
I have a very open mind, I’m always game to try new things whether it’s new food or visit a new place. I think as an artist it is important to try and keep an open mind because you let so much more in through your filter. The more you let in then the easier it is to be inspired, it’s little things like maybe overhearing someone’s music playing or seeing someone pretty walking down the street. There is inspiration absolutely everywhere, we just need to learn how to embrace it when we need it most.

What’s next for Kitty?
I have lots of bits and pieces in the works! My main focus right now is completing more series. I’m creating a new photo blog so I want to create material to release to celebrate the new blog’s birth. I’m hoping to be doing some fashion campaigns shortly which should be really fun and I can’t wait to get stuck in. Otherwise, just continuing on this funny thing we call life and cutting down on my chocolate binging!

Please do have a look at Kitty’s stunning work here, and please if you do want to reuse any of her pictures please credit her, she deserves all the credit in the world!


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