Interiors Lifestyle · June 4, 2018

A Peek Inside Our Office

One of the rooms I was most excited to decorate when we moved in was probably our spare room…

With the house largely sorted (albeit with a lot of blank white walls), it was one of the spaces I knew I’d be spending most of my time in, and wanted to make sure it was inspiring, multi-funcional and full of personality.

With my family bedroom being somewhere I spent a lot of my time working, I almost wanted it to have the warmth, memories and fun of that space- not being too stylised and governed by trends, but rather somewhere I can sit down, unwind and get things done. On top of that, as well as being an office, it had to act as spare room for guests and a backdrop for filming (as well as storing lots of our bits and pieces too)! Nearly one year on, we’re very close to completing the space (ignoring the prints we need to frame and clutter hidden away)- but I thought I’d show you how we’ve been getting on so far and some of my favourite corners too. I also uploaded a video of this on my channel yesterday, so if you’d like to see a little more you can head over here too…

The Bookshelf:

This is definitely one of the most recent additions to the room, and despite it taking a little while to totally come together- I’m so happy with how it looks. Although it was tempting to leave it minimal and uncluttered, it felt really counterproductive to spend so much on shelves to have literally nothing on them (especially when we have such a growing book and magazine collection). With that in mind, we decided to keep two of the shelves for more trinkets and coffee table books and use the top two for more practical storage uses, organising everything in colour order (pretty but often not practical) to keep things looking relatively tidy and streamlined. As well as my favourite books, I also have this Fonott basket bag on display (packed with wires and bits that I need easy access to), as well as my recording mic for the podcast, a couple of favourite candles and two of my favourite pairs of shades…

The cabinet below the shelves is also used to store all of my beauty items- which finally feels organised! I picked up some knobs from Anthropologie to make the cabinet feel a little more custom, and inside it has three shelves on different gradients, meaning everything is accessible and easy to find. Our wall colour is ‘Middleton Pink’ by Farrow & Ball too- which was the perfect warm pink, without being too peachy and makes for the perfect cosy colour.

The desk area (as shown above), is definitely another favourite corner in our home. Picking it up from West Elm, it’s the perfect size for the alcove and I love how it looks with this noticeboard from Trouva above it. It’s right next to the window which is a really calming place to work, and I love updating the board with some of my favourite pictures and postcards for little doses of inspiration.

We also have a couple of shelves above the desk (one of which is out of action due to it being a bit wonky/weighed down)- but again, these will be used for storing files and other books- and we’re hoping to get a couple built like the ones parallel to it with our books on.

Last but not least, we have our mirror and day bed! The mirror again was one of the first pieces we picked up for this room, and although it’s pretty sizeable, is the perfect addition to the room and is such a great full length size (and also comes in white).

On top of that, the day bed was picked up from IKEA– based on the people before having it and it seemingly being such a great piece for the room. Not only does it have under-bed storage, but it folds out to be a double bed- which makes it perfect for lounging during the day and also great for when we have guests round.

I hope you enjoyed this little peep into our office! We’re currently working on a gallery wall and some finishing touches, so I shall share those once that’s all done too- maybe with some more full plan snaps too! I also thought I’d pop a little wish list below of a few of them homeware pieces I’m hoping to add to this room in the near future!



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