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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!

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Tips For Travel (With A Pet)

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a nervous traveller as is. Maybe it’s past experiences of forgetting passports (and only realising at check in- yup that does happen IRL) or the monotonous queuing with rows of people or even the pre-trip jitters (have I got everything? Do I need my laptop? Do people even email at the weekends? But what if something REALLY important happens?)- but going away, be it for a night or a week always has me getting in a bit of a tizz- and that’s without throwing a puppy into the mix…


A puppy. I’ve always been reluctant to take Maggie to town, away, or even to meetings; because well, she’s a bit of a fidget. An adorable one at that- but she’s in to everything. Like everything. So, despite knowing it’d be good to give her more experiences before her crucial two year milestone- taking her away from her comforts has always been a bit of a tricky one- which was until Aloft London got in touch, with their ARF (Animals Are Fun) campaign over National Pet Month in April…

Inviting Maggie and I to stay at their London hotel, I was a little nervous about how her first hotel stay would pan out, and to my surprise it went pretty much without a hitch. From start to finish the reception and bar staff were helpful, attentive and caring towards Maggie- making her feel at home with a bed, treats and a couple of toys too. Not only was she on her best behaviour (no accidents here)- they also recommended a couple of locals routes for dog walks. As the hotel is further east we weren’t so familiar of the area- but it’s incredibly handy for any airport stopovers and east end exploring (without the price tag). Aloft definitely helped me realise travelling with a four legged friend needn’t be scary, and with a little bit of prior organisation can actually be a bit of a pleasure!

If you’re still not convinced, here are a couple of my top tips for travelling with a little one…

Prepare: Before you go, make sure to get organised. Think of your pets routine, their feeding times, bed times (if necessary) and try and plan things so they don’t become too out of their routine. Going away is one thing, and getting out of a routine is another. Make sure you have everything necessary packed (bowls, food, bags and treats)- so things will be easier along the way. Also, if you’re taking public transport for the first time, factor in little toilet breaks if necessary (we chose a ‘stopper’ train, just in case- which although was probably unnecessary, eased our worries a little)!

Comforts: As above, this is where I’m sure the phrase ‘creature comforts’ comes in. If you can, try and pack a few familiarities from home to make any trips more comfortable for your pet. Maggie loves a certain pillow and blanket (not a diva, I promise) so by bringing one of those along it helped her get settled when she wasn’t sure where to sleep.

Don’t be afraid to ask: If you’re not sure where the nearest park, green space or even train station is- don’t be afraid to ask the hotel for help. They want you to have a pleasurable stay as much as you do (the less barking pups the better for everyone)- so if you have any queries it’s so much easier to ask for advice as and when.

Don’t worry: If all of the above sounds a little daunting; trust me it isn’t! I’m the ultimate nervous Purvis and everything completely fell into place in the end; in fact it was nice knowing we’d crossed another bridge with Maggie, and knowing more trips and overnight stays are now possible is very exciting indeed!


Post in collaboration with Aloft London, but love of dogs, staycations and the city all very much my own

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