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22 Lessons I Learnt In 2022

Ah! It’s time! The quasi-profound sentimental handwritten collaged blog post rolls around once again; fuelled by mini deep and meaningfuls and a few pocket sized pearls of wisdom I’ve collected throughout the last twelve months (along with a handful of twinkly grey hairs, a new love of FM radio I might never shut up about and a slightly out of control nightwear collection- alas, she is but 29)…

Anyway- I’ve spoken a little bit about how this year has been a challenge in more ways than one (*resists with all might not to end with a ‘lol’*), and although I’m a huge advocate for ‘you don’t need to take anything from the messy parts of life apart from just getting through them’; picking out the little highlights, and things I’ve learnt along the way has definitely been somewhat of a balm over a rocky twelve months. Last night I curled up with Kathryn’s beautiful Substack newsletter, and in all honesty it felt like I could have written it myself (albeit not as articulately or beautifully flourished). She called it ‘my year of what didn’t happen’, and talks beautifully about what happens when life really doesn’t go to plan, the uncertainty of life (and the pain and beauty to be found in it) and what happens when you find yourself navigating quite the unexpected new reality.  

On top of that, as I creep tentatively (or, on a good day bulldoze with absolute gusto) into my 30th year, it feels like a funny/weird/reflective time to look back on my twenties. I’ve never felt more like a new chapter is starting, which is the strangest, most surreal feeling that I truly didn’t think I’d experience. Christ, if Liv of January were to read this she’d be like ‘this is… a lot’. But like a lot of things in life- it’s really what you make of it, and if I can take some of the confidence I’ve found in myself over the last 6 months, keep nurturing it and hopefully build on it bit by bit, maybe- just maybe, it’ll all work out.

Anyway- waffling and heart to hearts to one side, as I always say, these notes aren’t things that are about to set the rulebooks on fire, warrant a TED talk moment or anything you haven’t heard before. But sometimes you can hear things again and again, and sometimes after a while they just click. Like magic. That’s kind of what these are- the silly things you might’ve heard before that finally now I believe to be true- and if that isn’t something to be grateful for.

Finally, thank you for sticking around. Another year of me opening up on the internet, talking to brilliant strangers about the things that excite me, scare me and light me up, finding my feet once again, cherishing creativity and actually- getting my groove back a bit. Maybe a little shake up was exactly what I needed- but through thick and thin, spon con to rom coms (?) thank you. There’s a few really lovely and exciting things cooking in the new year (from a certain paperback, a special event and a couple of very lovely collaborations)- I promise it’ll be worth joining in for another year.

Have a gorgeous New Year, and here’s to a very happy and healthy 2023, you’re the best.


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    December 31, 2022 at 9:02 pm

    Endlessly proud of you Liv. Forever in awe x

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