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My Party Wear Style Recipes

Photos by the ever-talented Beatrice Granados

Her name is D-I-S-C-O (or k-a-r-a-o-k-e, if she’s lucky)…

It’s the last big ol’ style post of the season, and with party season (or sofa/dancing/crisps in abundance season) well underway, it’s arguably a *tiny* bit late to start making important purchases or adding anything new into the mix (for me at least anyway). Plus, with post all over the place who needs the stress of thinking about what they haven’t got in their wardrobes, when I’m sure there’s a few gems hiding in there?

So! This is a little post celebrating what’s in them already. I thought I’d share a few of my failsafe ‘wardrobe recipes’ for an evening out (or in) featuring things I’ve had sitting pretty for a good while now (some slightly more recent than others) to hopefully inspire a few festive looks with things you might have (or similar at least)…



The Shorts & Blouse Cocktail

Now, this is a combination I hadn’t worn since the ultimate indiesleaze dancing days, and it feels like I’ve been missing a trick sitting on these leather shorts all this time. Arguably the easiest way of adding a big of life to a blouse (or an oversized band t-shirt), they look vvvv. cool paired with a silk/lurex/glittery blouse and tights, and also mean you can opt for something lower shoe-wise which means extra time for dancing blister free (we hope, anyway). This also would look really cool with a little suede/cord/velvet (tick as appropriate) mini skirt too; the small things hold great power!

A few ideas on where to go with this:

Silver Shirt + Leather Shorts (or other bottom) + Fun Tights + Mary Janes

Ribbed Body + Leather Shorts + Fun Tights + Chunky Boots

Band T-Shirt + Leather Shorts + Black Tights + Platform Heel

Fuzzy Button Up Cardigan + Leather Shorts + Black Tights + Mary Janes



The Disco Jumpsuit

Ahh, the jumpsuit. The perfect number to pull out when you’re in need of feeling like a glorious Gibb brother, or just dancing queen extraordinaire. Plus, it’s warm and pretty much sorts out the whole outfit in one foul swoop. I’ve teamed it with the collar to end all collars (a little bit of slinky-meets-Harry Hill never hurt anyone) but this would look equally very cool with nothing underneath, a long neck-scarf and some very chunky boots (or platforms too).

A few ideas on where to go with this:

Jumpsuit + Silk Shirt + Boots

Jumpsuit + Silk Scarf + Platforms

Jumpsuit + Jumper Over The Top + Slink Heels

Jumpsuit + Bodysuit + Chunky Heels



The Velvet Suit

Where would we be for Christmas ideas without some gorgeous green and velvet? Christmastime is the best time to pull out a suit, and even if you just go for the bottoms (or jacket)- there’s a lot of styling options to be had. Tailoring really elevates all sorts of things, so even if you want to do a really simple shirt, or t-shirt- a great pair of trousers can really put in a shift when it comes to making things party appropriate. This blouse from Olivia Annabelle is one of my favourites (everything she does is magic) and feels like quite a cool masculine Stonesy nod to doing partywear too. Dr-eamy.

A few ideas on where to go with this:

Blouse with Tie + Trousers + Platforms

Silk vest + Trousers + Jacket + Boots

Band Tee + Trousers + Jacket + Platforms

Suit Jacket + Shirt + Shorts + Tights + Boots




The All-Year-Round Maxi

Move aside Stevie, we have another headliner this evening (oh she wishes) and although she’s only hogging the karaoke mic this evening, why not dress as if you were headlining front and centre on a Saturday? This maxi dress has seen all number of occasions, and although it’s pretty simple, looks just as special with a twinkly heel as it does with seventies white boots or something chunky (and hidden) just for the extra inches too.

There’s not a huge amount of ways you can spice up a classic like this- but playing around with jewellery (I love going to town on rings with a simple number like this) always looks very cool (and feels quite ‘Florence’ too).



The Mini

Finally, I don’t think you can really go wrong with a cool mini and tights, and there’s something very sixties (and a bit unexpected) about wearing a winter white dress with some tights and white shoes. It feels like it *shouldn’t* work but somehow does, and I love the sparkle the sleeves give which make it feel a little more fun and festive, too. Plus, there’s a lot you can do with this combination, which would also look very sweet with an updo and Mary Janes, or bare legged with a slinkier heel too.

A few ideas on where to go with this:

Mini Dress + Tights + Mary Janes / Boots / Platforms

Mini Dress + Spotty Tights + Platforms

Depending on your dress (and it’s shape) you can always belt it and throw a cardi over the top, which makes it work really well as a ‘skirt’ too.




Thank you for indulging me with my silly dancing and poses for another year- it’s been so fun working on these kind of posts and I’ve got lots cooking for the new year! Have a gorgeous Christmas and I’ll see you just before the New Year <3 !


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