North America Style Travel · February 5, 2019

A Bit Of Winter Sun

It feels incredibly surreal to think that this time last year I had never properly been to L.A. With endless pictures painted of how I imagined it to be- despite having family in San Diego (and having visited Disney World and LAX when I was comfortably half the height I am now)- it took a regrettably long time to get me back to this beautiful part of the world.

Yet, within the year, I feel lucky enough to have ticked it off not once, not twice but three times (!)- with the beautiful beaches, charming pier stretching out onto the Pacific Ocean and endless gallery-worthy horizons of Santa Monica becoming one of the places I keep going back to. I also feel fortunate to have experienced this part of the world at varied times of year- in winter, spring and autumn (but as Florence so rightly puts it, it really is quite a city without seasons)- sunshine you say? Comin’ right up!

So, you can imagine my joy when I was invited out to Los Angeles once more with Santa Monica Travel and Tourism last week- to experience all the beauty and fun it had to offer- and prove that there’s more than just beautiful beaches (I know) and so many charismatic pockets in this city within a city (with a big old guide coming later this week too).

Anyway- I’ll save all of the must-visits for later on this week (trust me, there’s enough recommendations to keep you reading long past a single cuppa) but thought I’d share a few snaps Joe and I shot during our first afternoon exploring the city in a new favourite all-weather dress. Having started the morning with the most incredible beach-side yoga experience (which I truly mean, coming from someone who isn’t mad on yoga) we made the most of the afternoon sunshine by strolling along the beach front- past the iconic Shutters hotel (which feels a little like a Disneyland hotel from the outside), and down onto Main Street to mosey in some of my favourite shops that I always make an effort to pop into (Reformation and Mohawk, I’m looking at you).

With the city having so much to offer, it felt nice to simply tackle one beautiful part of L.A and really get to experience it like you would anywhere else in the world- on foot and really feeling like a local. Unfortunately L.A is a little too large to tackle solely on foot to get from place to place (unless, ahem, you like traipsing along motorways sans veichle)- but by visiting one special part- we really got to soak it all in and play tourists in the main way we know how…

More coming this week!


(Dress: gifted from Gestuz, Shoes: Superga (old but similar here)*, Bag: Vintage, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters*) *affiliate link


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