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Little Reads: The One Where We Did An Event

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is bringing back the element of my blog that feels a little bit diary like.

The posts that I’d write up excitedly after a Topshop Sunday shift while I still had time before sixth form in the morning- and the posts that were little more than thoughts read out loud. It’s been a bit of a while, and although I adore the outfit posts, travel guides and beauty recommendations I do here- sometimes it’s nice to just write a bit- no strings attached.

So- today I really wanted to write about the event Charlotte and I hosted earlier this month at The Hoxton, on the eve of International Women’s Day with our podcast, The Fringe of It. Having never properly co-hosted anything before (I mean, I just about carried off a NYE party with Joe) talking to 80 women felt like one of the most intimidating things I could have signed myself up for. They don’t call me nervous Purvis for nothin’!

After checking in to the hotel about 1pm, we spent the afternoon recording a podcast episode, ordering ourselves some lunch and later getting a bit clammy handed at the fact we had about half an hour before PEOPLE STARTED ARRIVING.

Fast forward half an hour and there was an actual IRL queue at the door to the apartment where we were hosting. A QUEUE. TO SEE US. I felt like I’d sold out the O2 arena or was at Live at the Apollo (if, y’know, it only seated 80)- but the feeling that people had actually turned up, and dedicated their Wednesday evening after work to us felt like something in itself. Mind. Blown. When everyone was inside, we then handed out treats, drinks and got chatting before the main event- where we spent over an hour nattering about everything from self belief, ‘impostor syndrome’ and opening up all manner of discussions amongst each other- which felt like a really open, safe and curious space for people to discuss things that are all particularly close to home. It was incredible seeing people connect over mutual careers, fields where women aren’t always present and offer slithers of assurance in industries that don’t always boast equal representation.

It was afterwards though that really left me with the warm and fuzzies. Having seen people arrive solo- it felt like the perfect full circle to see groups of women leaving together, exchanging Instagram handles and having a giggle over cocktails after such a successful evening. I always leave these kind of talks with that ‘morning after the night before’ worry- thinking ‘WHAT DID I SAY?! DID I COME ACROSS OKAY?!’ But getting to chat to everyone, see how lovely everybody was and remember that ‘everybody shits the same colour’ left me realising that sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone really does pay off.

So for once, I’m writing this because I’m proud. I’m proud I’ve somewhat overcome a fear of public speaking, proud Charlotte and I brought together a group of wildly inspiring women and proud I did it (lemsip and all). May this be a little note to anyone that thinks they can’t- because trust me, if this gal can then anybody can.



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    March 27, 2018 at 3:18 am

    So fun! Sounds like such a great event!


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    March 27, 2018 at 11:51 am

    I love these kinds of posts and the fact that they feel so personal. I also wanted to say that I *really* enjoy listening the podcast – it brings me joy in my long commute and often find myself giggling along (and getting strange looks from fellow tube passengers…). Hopefully you’ll do more events in the future, I’d love to attend one one day. xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

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