Beauty · December 14, 2017

The Francophile Pharmacy Favourite

Every time I go to Paris, be it for work or with friends, I can guarantee that a French pharmacy visit will always be on the agenda. Even though pretty much everything I go there for is now readily available online, or in the U.K- there’s something about the charm of picking something up that you know the locals love and use, that makes me feel like I’ve truly picked up a real gem.

One brand I’ve always made sure to pop in my basket is Klorane. Having first tried them in a Birchbox (the wonders of new discoveries), and being a girl that washed her hair every evening (I know, #oilyhairprobs) I quickly fell in love with their Oat Milk Dry Shampoo, and still vow that I’ve yet to find anything that does the job quite as well as this. I’ve been with friends before in the city where we’ve stopped off to get a can of this stuff, and can promise that even after running out a handful of times, it’s always worth the repurchase. Not only does it not leave talcy residue unlike some of it’s counterparts, but they’ve now released an edition with a light tint for dark hair, meaning that even after the most intensive of applications there’s no grey patches either (even if grey does look chic on most people, I’m still not convinced with yours truly…)

Another love of mine comes in the shape of their floral lotion eye make up remover (or wipes, if you’re that way inclined). Although I’m partial to a double cleanse, I always make sure to remove my eye make up separately (be it with a micellar water or otherwise)- and since recently having been introduced to this, know there’s a reason why it’s a bit of a hero product. Despite normally layering on lashings of mascara and a thick cat flick line, this is tres efficient at removing even the most stubborn of eyeliner without needing to rub or apply any pressure either- parfait!

Plus, if the Channel tunnel and a trip to border control just ain’t worth the faff I’ve popped some of my favourite retailers below that mean no case need be packed…


Post in collaboration with Klorane, but love of this wonder product, clean-feeling hair and France all my own



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