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Current Favourites: September 2015

The good, the great and the highly covetable…

I know it’s been less than a month since my last favourites post (this gal is just fond of a lot, ok)- but I thought I’d get ahead and pop together some more things I’ve been cheerleading over the last few weeks, including some skincare bits too! It’s been a busy few weeks, but I’m hoping the next time this post comes around there may be a little video and new layout to accompany it all- here’s hoping!

Bettys of Harrogate: After visiting their special Harrogate tearooms earlier this month, I quickly became absolutely smitten with all things Bettys. From their delicious tea leaves (currently keeping my cupboards cosy)- to their richly buttery shortbread- it’s only a matter of time before I find another excuse to visit I’m sure…

Freddie Payne Photography: Now, my pal Freddie is a talented guy. Not only does he make taking the perfect single film photograph look easy (I certainly take shooting 100 shots of one thing on a DSLR for granted), but he takes the most stunning 35mm shots too- which is great, as he’s just set up shot so you can make them your own too- huzzah! With his New York series being one of the most beautiful I’ve seen (just you wait until I have a place of my own), as well as stunning prints from everywhere from Barcelona to Paris- they truly are a work of art, and make the perfect gift (even if that is a gift to yourself too)…

Cirque De Papier Prints: One of my ultimate highlights of The Bloggers Market was receiving these illustrations from the fantastic Paris based Maëlle from Cirque De Papier. This girl has serious skill! Her pencil illustrations have fast become some of my favourite on the ‘net and I was absolutely blown away by the prints she did of the five of us- definitely check her out if you want some serious art-spiration!

My Blogging Planner: As much as I try to be the most organised gal in town, blogging can sometimes get a little overwhelming, and I’m making a special effort to stay on top of ideas, planning (hopefully one day making) videos- and keeping on top of a busy inbox too! This little journal from The Bloggers Planner is the perfect nod to all things organised- and I’m excited to get filling it out (plus it starts this month, so no excuses)!

Cute-as-a-button mini travel guides: Whilst in Brighton and in gorgeous boutique Dowse, I discovered these graphic travel guides by Herb Lester, which has given me a somewhat instant global urge of wanderlust. I picked up the L.A, Lisbon and Glasgow guides (all cities on my ‘to visit’ list)- but have been eyeing up the rest in the collection too- it’s very difficult when they’re so pretty!

The investment piece: After saving up, and being this dress a couple of months ago now- it has quickly become one of the most worn things in my wardrobe. It’s certainly not the cheapest thing I own, but having already worn it to a wedding, Christening, endless meetings and days out- I can safely say the ‘cost per wear’ is down huge amount, and I don’t see it slowing down either- thanks, Toppers!

Betty’s Goodies | Freddie’s Prints | Cirque De Papier Prints | Blog Planner | Travel Guides | Topshop Dress

What’s in the beauty cupboard…

Oliver Bonas Bath Goodies: It’s no secret that I am a big Oliver Bonas cheerleader (see: evidence)- but with the launch of their bath and body AW collection, I got pretty excited indeed! Not only is the packaging amazing (almost too good to use)- but the collection is seriously gorgeous, and these Elderflower bath fizzers have quickly become the ultimate night-time treat.

The Dream-Skin Power Trio: Oh, Sunday Riley. It’s barely been a month and I can already tell we’re going to be the best of friends (#toosoon?) Having heard endless good things about all things Sunday Riley (with the only catch being the slightly more spendy price tag)- I was exceptionally excited to start trying some of the hero products myself, and so far (although I haven’t tried everything from the collection) have been thrilled with what I’ve seen (not to mention every evening feels like absolute luxury). Think hydrated, smooth skin with barely-there pores and a glow that certainly may just have appeared overnight ; ). These products are definitely in the ‘treat’ zone- but if you’re after some things that’ll add a serious spark to your skin, I’d definitely recommend a try. It’s still early days, but I’ll definitely keep you updated (maybe with a post? Answers on a postcard)!

Liquid Yoga: OH THIS. After nearly twelve hours on my feet (in heels) on Saturday, it’s safe to say my unfit thighs and I were in need of some TLC… But fear not! Meet Mio’s Liquid Yoga- a milky bath soak that promises to ‘dissolve away stressy aches and weary woes’- and does exactly what it says on the tin. Not only does it smell amazing, but it works wonders- and left me feeling totally relaxed and this girls legs ready for another day of city stomping- yay!

A good night’s sleep (c/o This Works): And finally- the sleep doctor! Having had a busy few weeks (and not being the expert at winding down each evening) this pillow spray has been a little wonder worker when it comes to relaxing when my head hits the pillow. Although I don’t usually struggle falling asleep, this spray has definitely helped with undisrupted sleep, waking up and feeling more awake and gearing me up for the day ahead- something I definitely can’t put down to pure coincidence!

Oliver Bonas Bath Fizzers | Sunday Riley Skincare | Mio Liquid Yoga | This Works Pillow Spray


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