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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 24/07/2017

Perhaps you can blame it on the fact that I’ve been so totally encompassed by Love Island, that this weeks list is perhaps a little sparse (I say that, but looking back there’s certainly enough for a few hours of serious scrolling). That, or the fact I’ve had a pretty mad week- and any extra curricular reading has been a little slow off the mark- but hey, I still found some good ‘uns. It’s been a pretty up and down week (Love Island ending obviously being the big down)- and although we’re still making steps into settling in, living without furniture, trying to unpack as well as tackle a to do list as long as my arm- is getting a little tasking! Here’s to tackling some big yellow boxes next week…

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R: Man Repeller, Victoria, A Peace of Me, Estée)

The Must-Reads:
If I’m ever stuck for a good read, you can guarantee I’ll head over to Man Repeller. This week I loved their piece about how to make a phone call which, although sounds ridiculous- I think is so important to try and reintroduce (especially being an avid anti-caller when I can)- the power of voice-to-voice contact is so wonderful (unless it’s the bank, of course)- so if you’re anything like me, I definitely recommend this. I also loved my friend Natalie’s piece on tips on taking a break and actually learning to switch off. Sometimes I think it’s seen as admirable to be working 24/7, and although sometimes it feels necessary, reading this definitely made me realise otherwise- and the importance of actually leaving airplane mode on for a little longer.

The Blog Post:
Catching up on blog reads this week, I particularly loved Victoria’s post on blogging misconceptions (which had me nodding along), and also tied in nicely to this little interview with Leandra I also discovered (told you I was a fangirl)- which included some inspiring advice on being an ‘influencer’ and how she’d do it differently if she were to start again. I also loved Michelle’s post about the dreamy London Glossier pop up, Daisy’s beaut outfit post, and Julia’s important post on perfectionism and those Instagram cliches.

The Podcast:
How could I write about podcast picks without mentioning my pal Estée’s sparkling new offering, The Heart of It. With this series being all about women, her pilot episode touches on the topic of protest and is build up of a collage of beautiful interviews, eye opening discussions and dotted with chats that’ll leave you feeling truly informed- in a non-patronising, inspiring way.

For something a little more bite-sized, this week I’ve also gotten into Inheritance Tracks. Sitting perfectly alongside Desert Island Discs, these 7/8 minute episodes are wonderful quick listens featuring some of my favourite people and the music that has shaped them, as well as the tracks they’d pass on to future generations. I definitely recommend starting with a certain John Cooper Clarke!

The Video:

I’m constantly flicking though the YouTubes, and this week lovely Meg’s Paris lookbook caught my eye. Not only is it beautifully filmed, edited and styled- but Meg is one of the most curative women on the ‘net- so go and have a nosey if you want a gorgeous watch. If that ain’t enough, Haim covered Shania Twain and Charli XCX released the most amazing video of the decade. Thank you and goodnight.

Objects of desire:

I also recommend having a look at the gorgeous Soror Studios if you fancy a bit of retail therapy- they currently have 20% off summer goodies and everything is created my independent female brands!


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