Beauty · June 14, 2017

The Current Five

Meet the supergroup…

The other evening, after throwing what I deem to be my essentials into an overnight bag (before running full steam out of the house, naturally)- it dawned on me that I don’t think I’ve ever shared my current every-morning-every-night staples. The items that I’ve been turning to day in and day out, and that I know have solidly put in some leg work for yours truly, so deserve a bit of air time to say the least. They stand tall on my bathroom shelf, come with me on every trip and make the bedside table to. May I introduce you to the famous five

– So, first things first! It’s no secret that Garnier’s Micellar Water is a bit of a hero product (the Bioderma of British pharmacies)- and for me it’s the absolute first step of every skincare routine. Wearing a lot of liner and mascara, it’s the perfect gentle remover and means my cleanser can kick back a little when it comes to really cleaning up. Plus, if (on the rare occasion) I’m ever having a verrrry tired evening- this can pretty much do it all!

– My next love is a product that I’ve seriously fallen head over heels with over the last couple of months. When I first picked up the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser I did really like it- but honestly didn’t appreciate it for what it was. I used it on and off but never really consistently gave it a shot. But, since running out of my Kate Sommerville cleanser- this little number has stepped in and it’s love. It’s gentle enough to use morning and evening, keeps my skin hydrated without being drying and is the perfect simple get-thejob-done power product. No fuss, just a good bloody cleanse.

– For a long time I was a simple cleanse and moisturiser gal, but since using this Pixi Rose Oil for the first time in February, I’ve really found it the perfect next step in my routine. It packs in moisture, minimises redness and really makes my skin feel soft and glowy- which I’m sure is only ever a good thing…

– Another product I discovered a couple of months ago is the Clinique Anti Blemish + Line Correcting Serum– which I feel hugely compliments the oil above. I have no idea how it crept into my bathroom cupboard- but after delving into the shelves for something to help banish some blemishes it seems to have nipped some serious spots in the bud. Plus, whether it’s the amount of water I’ve been drinking or this little blue bottle- my skin has definitely looked fuller and clearer- with dehydration lines taking a bit of a backseat too, huzzah!

– And last but not least, the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. Packed with rosewater and all things lovely (not a scientific ingredients list, in case you were wondering)- this is perfect for my combination skin and is the most moisturising end to my routine (plus absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky residue either)!

What products do you find yourself using day in day out, I’d love to know your power five!


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