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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


Autumn Beauty Bag Additions

Although I’m not really one to seasonally switch up my make up bag, the rose tinted glasses (or should I say sequinned specks) and the buzz of the festive ‘party season’ is normally enough to have me reaching for some gold eyeshadow and burgundy lippy pronto. I’m someone who never really dabbles in much else, but come this time of year, there’s a little something which makes me happy to be a little more daring with my pigment, and embrace something a little more Studio 54 (a girl can dream). Plus, with so many dazzling new beauty releases around this time of year, it’d be a little rude to stick to turn a blind eye to all the sparkly new additions, wouldn’t it?

All that glitters (and lengthens)…

Okay, so the big addition to my make up bag seems to be a bit of YSL. Why? Because everything I use of theirs is just bloody brilliant. I’m past the ‘oh THE PACKAGING’ stage of my relationship with this brand and onto the ‘well, y’know- it’s actually really good’ part. As well as being a daily user of their Le Teint foundation, I’ve been pretty excited to give their new Le Cushion a whirl- which as well as being a top competitor for my new fave cushion foundation is possibly the most glam addition to my tube-top up routine too (~insert hair flick emoji here~). On top of that, I’ve also been using the Tom Ford brow gel daily to keep my unruly facial furniture in place, as well as mascara of the moment (and one I’m concerned I’ll never change over from now)- the Guerlain Maxi Lash So Volume– which, my goodness, is exceptional. Finally, to set things off I’ve been turning to this YSL eyeshadow palette of dreams (which is just the perfect balance of rose and smokey that I love) and the new lip lighter, which is amazing for highlighting the cupid’s bow and getting a beautiful shape in there too.

YSL Eye Palette | YSL Lip Lighter | YSL Cushion Foundation | Tom Ford Brow Gel | Guerlain Mascara

*Desperately avoids using berry good*…

Okay- it was bound to happen. I was going to slip in some burgundies and reds in here, how could I not?! When all the internet is talking about are pumpkin spiced lattes and leafy foot-shots, how could I resist? Fortunately there’s some gorgeous little additions to my make up bag here so it’s worth your while, I promise. Firstly, I’ve been surprisingly impressed by the gorgeous new Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lippies from Bourjois. I’m completely obsessed with the berry-toned colour selection, and although a couple of the colours are a little tricky to apply with the doe-foot applicator than others- the longevity and overall finish is really impressive. Which leads me nicely on to my seasonal lip-liner of choice (which is definitely an assistant with any tricky products) and my number one berry lippy from YSL at the moment, in shade ‘212’. Finally, in terms of polish- I’m either someone to tone things down with a delicate pastel or amp things up with something more plum toned- so both Organdi and Mythique from Chanel get a good amount of use.

Le Vernis in Mythique & Organdi | Mac Liner in Redd | Rouge Edition Velvet in Red-volution | YSL Lipstick

Seasonal scents…

Finally! Scents- I wasn’t going to mention anything here as I’ve still been sampling a few new fragrances- but after being introduced to this Maison Margiela fragrance from their ‘Replica’ collection (‘Lazy Sunday Morning’ is already a firm favourite)- I’ve fallen head over heels for Promenade in the Garden- a slightly more floral and woody scent, which is absolutely perfect for Autumn. I’ve also been loving, as per, the body range from & Other Stories (yup, more than just beautiful clothes)- and have had the Caliper Body oil sitting pretty next to the bath every evening- dreamy…

Perfume | Body Oil


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