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Beauty Loves: February 2015

Beauty Favourites March What Olivia Did

Smells like Summer!

I’m very rarely wowed by fragrances. I’ve been a dedicated Daisy wearer for ever (as I’ve touched on about 1000 times before)- but this month things have been a little different around these parts. Upon this blue bottle of happiness landing on my doorstep this month, I have been obsessed with this summer-smelling Tom Ford fragrance, Mandarino Di Amalfi, and literally have had to use it sparingly to a) avoid it running out (it’s not a cheap one) and b) overwhelming everyone around me. Regardless, you can expect to smell me like this for the foreseeable future- which definitely isn’t a strange thing to say. This month I’ve also been loving the Mother’s Day collection from Lush– with the Rose bombshell and Mother Superior being big favourites (unfortunately I’d used all of Mother Superior before snapping- but they are definitely worth popping in for). Finally, my last skin favourite has been this Manuka oil– which I’ve been wearing underneath moisturiser. Now, I don’t know the science behind the product- but I do know it’s been a massive hand with my dryness and something I’m excited to keep trying.

Lush Mother’s Day | Manuka Oil | Tom Ford Fragrance

Beauty Favourites March What Olivia Did

Getting familiar with Charlotte Tilbury…

Hi. I’m Liv, and both literally and metaphorically- I am normally late to the party. On this occasion it’s a maroon and rose gold make up fuelled party hosted, metaphorically by Charlotte Tilbury– and I am so late it’s a bit embarrassing. In short- I’ve just discovered the red headed goddess that is the Tilbs and I have gotten so excited by her make up and skin care this month that she deserved her own section in my beauty favourites. I was kindly sent the ‘Vamp’ make up look products to try (including the Night Crimson lipstick, Savage Rose liner, Unleash Me gloss and The Vintage Vamp palette) and have fallen in love with the berry-tinted pout I’m left with (which, if you wanted to ask, does last all day). On top of that, every evening I’ve been turning to her Cleanser  (which doubles as a mask) and Magic Cream– which feel like the biggest treat after the end of a long day. Although it’s early days with the cream, I’ve noticed less redness and dryness on my skin- and the cleanser leaves my skin softer than a Brandy and Melville t-shirt- and that ain’t one the argued with.

Wonder Glow | Lipstick | Liner | Lipgloss | Cleanser | Magic Cream

Beauty Favourites March What Olivia Did

Cereal isn’t just for breakfast…

Stop the press! It’s a handcream and handwash- Mother’s Day gift of choice and go-to Christmas gift for anyone that has, erm, hands. Okay- I’m kidding- but this month I discovered a bathroom (or yknow, kitchen) duo that are worth buying. One of my favourite skin care brands, Ren, have paired up with one of my favourite magazines, Cereal– and have bought out a dynamic talon-treating two piece that will make your (maybe) Scandi-inspired kitchen sinks do a little happy dance (and also make for the perfect gift too).

Ren x Cereal Set

Beauty Favourites March What Olivia Did

The new staples!

Now, now, now- where to begin! Firstly, one of my favourite favourite items this month has been the Benefit Roller Lash mascara (which you’ve probably seen all over social media too). I wasn’t a massive fan of They’re Real! so it was nice to fall head over heels with this- which is absolutely brilliant. I’ve also added a new highlighter and powder into my routine- in the shape of Mary-Lou Manizer (amazing highlighter) and the Rodial HD powder, which being completely translucent- is perfect for mattifying skin and not making me look ridiculously pasty (which, heck, I already am). I’ve also loved this tinted Burt’s Bees lip balm (which is the perfect nude shade, and amazingly moisturising) paired with Tanya Burr’s lipgloss. Last but not least I’ve been using the Rodial highlighting brush to use foundation (ok, I know, whatever)- which is actually amazing for blotting it in (technical)- and applies it really well? You get the jist ; )

Roller Lash | Mary Lou Manizer | Rodial Powder | Burt’s Bees Lip Balm | Tanya Burr Gloss | Rodial Brush


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