Beauty · March 31, 2017

Late To The Party Beauty: Pixi

(Wake Up Mist, Mesmerising Mineral Palette, Glow-Y Powder, Flawless Finishing Powder, Lip Lift Max)

Although I’ve loved Pixi for a long time (read: been a long time lover of their infamous Glow Tonic), it was only last month after a wonderful couple of days with the brand that I properly discovered some of the other serious gems in their collection. So, to celebrate my discoveries (or commiserate my tardiness), it inspired a ‘late to the party’ beauty series, whereby I discuss cult beauty loves that well… I’ve only recently discovered (basically justifying why they are in fact SO loved)!

So! Let’s start with make up. Knowing Pixi primarily by their skincare, I was totally enamoured with their beautiful selection of products, all in stunning easy-to-wear tones with brilliant pigmentation and natural glowy properties (duh, Liv). Anyway! Having already tried and adored their Finishing Powder (which is mattifying without being too chalky), I was over the moon to add one of their Glow-Y Powder’s to my collection, and fell for the pink shade Rome Rose- which is the perfect day time blush with a subtle highlight that is beautiful for something dewy during the day.

Another beauty products I’ve loved of theirs also include their Mesmerising Mineral Eye Palette in Opal, which contains pretty much all of the colours I turn to on a daily basis (including subtle gold and peach shades, without being too shimmery) as well as their Lip Lift Max in Honey Sheen, which although is technically a plumping gloss acts as a really lovely non-sticky hydrating lippie for a really subtle sheeny finish. I’ve also been loving using the Wake Up Mist throughout the day (almost like a fresh-4pm-pick-me-up-juice for the skin)- which is perfect first thing in the morning too!

(Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse, Glow Mud Cleanser, H2O Skin Drink, Nourishing Sleep Mask)

Now, onto the big hitters- skin care! It was hard to whittle this selection down, because my goodness do they have some crackers. These four have been the group that I’ve been continuously including in my skincare on a day-to-day basis, so I thought that a good place to start (and to avoid me solely saying ‘JUST GET IT ALL!’)

So, let’s start with cleansers and the two that I use on the regs. Each morning I begin with the Glow Mud Cleanser which feels moisturising and incredibly nourishing- especially as I’ve found it so hard to find a clay product in the past that I can use so frequently with such brilliant results- it’s a dream. Now, obviously I couldn’t not include the dreamy Double Cleanser from Ms. Hirons- which, let’s be honest- was always going to be totally kick ass. It’s the perfect end-of-day ritual product and really ensures my skin feels clean and like it’s had some serious gentle TLC to wrap up the day with- and together the pair make for a really gorgeous AM-to-PM fix.

The other two products that I’ve been loving are the H2O Skin Drink, which I apply often before make up (instead of a morning moisturiser if I’m in a rush and need quick drying hydration) as well as their Nourishing Sleep Mask once or twice a week, which is when I really want to wake up feeling fresh (and makes for a lovely Sunday evening pamper treat)…

Which products do you love from Pixi? Answers on a postcard please!


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