Beauty · October 6, 2018

September Beauty Favourites

It’s been a little while since I’ve sat down and shared some of my monthly beauty favourites around here, isn’t it? I think sometimes when you’re subconsciously already sharing picks on Instagram and stories- it can be easy to forget about the main focus, which is posting something a little more insightful and detailed over here. But- I suppose, in a way it’s been a nice thing! I’ve been able to really properly try some new products, and can confidently recommend things without basing a judgment on whether the packaging lots nice in a flat lay or not (if it does, it’s coincidence, promise). So- without further delay, I’ve selected a handful of beauty loves from the last couple of months that I can solemnly swear have my heart- and maybe yours too…

1/ NARS NARSissist Wanted Palette –

Oh god! I’ve hit pan! Is that what people used to say? Because this eyeshadow palette has had a lorra lorra loving over the last few months, and I quite literally have used it every single day. Whether I want something more sparkly and brown toned, or even something slightly more pink and subtle- this is the perfect palette and always gets a compliment when I wear it (which is always nice). If you think you’re a little afraid of eye colour, it’s the perfect nervous girls palette and I couldn’t love it more if I tried. NARS get their shadows so, so spot on and this is no exception.

2/ Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel –

A mouthful, but definitely something that has changed my brow game. Having pretty unruly brows (let’s just say that haven’t been touched in over a year)- this is a one-stop-shop for filling and grooming, without making anything look too ‘done’. It makes me feel a bit like Lily Collins after I’ve used it too, and seeing as that’s the closest I’ll probably get I’ll take that too.

3/ Chanel CC Cream-

Until this CC cream, I honestly didn’t think I was a CC kind of girl. I imagine the girls that wear CC cream to have model-like flawless skin, and the kind of people you’d probably see in Glossier or American Apparel. But alas! It works! Even for a girl with oily, dry and often spot prone skin- this provides gorgeous silky coverage whilst still oomphing out some glow and nailing the SPF requirement too. Dreams do, in fact, come true.

4/ BECCA Hydra Mist Set & Refresh –

Oh my god THIS PRODUCT. Over summer it was heaven-sent, and although I’m still not sure of the science behind it (it feels cold when applied on the skin, without making your face wet)- it’s the perfect refreshing powder whilst still keeping make up matte and set in place- who’d have thunk it?!

5/ Aveda Paddle Brush –

I’ve been using the Aveda Paddle Brush for as long as I can remember, but this week I was told about their Liberty collaboration with illustrator Daisy Emerson and got very excited indeed. Not only is it arguably one of my fave brushes for getting out every.single.knot but now it has my initial and for princess Liv that’s pretty special indeed.

6/ Hair by Sam McKnight – Lazy Girl –

On the topic of hair, I wanted to share a dry shampoo I’ve been taking on every trip with me, and it is of course the Sam McKnight Lazy Girl one. Not just a pretty bottle, this stuff is great at keeping grease at bay without making my hair chalky or knotted and smells amazing too.

7/ Ouai – Medium Hair Spray –

Although for years I’ve been a Silvikrin hair girl, after being introduced to this Ouai Spray, I may be ever so slightly converted. Although it’s definitely a little more expensive than my supermarket staple, this is a great spray at holding whilst maintaining shape- without making you feel like you’ve got a helmet on your head either- which is very important (especially when I had a fringe).

9/ Eau des Sens Cleansing Diptyque Hand and Body Gel-

Okay perhaps this is arguably my most elaborate favourite here, but let me assure you my hand washes aren’t always so fancy. Although it is just a hand and body wash, this is without a doubt the most delicious smelling scent ever (put it this way, you can always tell when someone’s washed their hands after a trip to the loo) and although I won’t be buying it every month, felt like a total treat and indulgence having it in the bathroom.

10/ Pixi –Rose Ceramide Cream-

Towards the beginning of September, my skin took a serious turn for the dry and I was willing to try just about anything (um, other than drinker the correct amount of water) to make things better. After stumbling across this whilst being distracted in M&S, I swiftly picked it up and have loved using it most evenings for a real skin-quenching drink that smells divine. I wake up feeling glowy, and have always had a soft spot for Pixi’s Rose products- so this gets a big thumbs up from me.

10/ Liz Earle – Superskin Concentrate Night –

Until recently, I really thought I wasn’t an ‘oils’ person. Fine with pasta, dipping with balsamic and to make a salad delicious- but on my face? Nope. When I was away with Liz Earle a couple of weeks ago I rediscovered the Superskin Concentrate, and admitting when I’m wrong- think I’ve made a bit of a faux pas all these years. With rosehip, argan and neroli oil- this concoction leaves your skin nourished, glowy and moisturised by morning- with no sticky residue in sight. It’s something I’m fairly new to- but so far so good, and I’ll keep you updated too!

What have you been stocking in your beauty cabinets this month?



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