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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


Five Current Beauty Favourites

So, rather than go through my entire make up bag, bathroom cabinet or bedside table each month (however tempting that may be)- I thought I’d start shining a light on the few hero products that I’ve been newly introduced to of late and the ones that I’ve fallen head over heels for like a Michael Bublé Chirstmas album. Although not every month brings launches that I know will frequent in my daily routine, it’s always nice to shine light on the ones that do, and the one’s I know I’ll be repurchasing when I hit pan (which is a beauty phrase I’m very much enjoying using).

The magic cushion…

It was only at the beginning of this month after using the L’Oreal Nude Magique foundation that I was introduced to the art of the cushion- and how bloody brilliant it really is when it comes to foundation application. So, after discovering the Teint Idole Ultra Cushion foundation from Lancôme, I can safely say I’m a total convert. Not only does the cushion base make it amazing for brush application (and travel too), but the coverage is light, buildable and slightly dewy- which makes for the perfect balance whether you’re having a great skin day, or after something a little more lasting too.

Perfecting my flicks…

After running out of my trusty liquid liner last month, I was in the market for something new. I’m very much a felt-tip pen kind of gal over anything gel (basically anything that requires a steady hand and I’m out)- so after trying this Écriture De Chanel liner, I was sold. The tip is large enough to create a flick of perfect width- but the teeny tip means it can narrow off into the perfect point, without any messiness in sight! Plus, it’s perfectly pigmented and has last-all-day longevity too.

Is it a bird? Is a gloss? Is it a plane?

Imagine a lip product that had the coverage of a lipstick, moisture of a gloss but staying power of a liquid lippy- well, let me introduce you to YSL’s latest addition, Vernis á Lèvres Vinyl Cream– a beautifully pigmented lip cream which packs the punch of all of the above. There’s a beautiful shade selection (I love the pinky nude and rich red)- and one I’ve been slipping into my handbag again and again.

Full to fluttery…

Whether you want, full, fluttery or even just a subtle flick of length- this magic mascara from Clinique can cover all bases. Although I’m not entirely sure of the science behind it, and didn’t realise you could even customise your look initially (there’s me being slow again)- but with three settings and a twistable barrel body- it’s a pretty fun product which creates a gorgeous lash look which I’ve been using daily (until my mum discovered it today anyway)…

The MUA style palette…

Not just beautiful brushes, Zoeva have also got a range of make up which now holds host to my new favourite concealer palette. Usually opting for something in a tube, this palette certainly makes for a change in my cover-up steps, but I love the fact I can mix the shades depending on what coverage I need and where. The lighter shades are amazing for under eye, and then the convinence of being able to mix things up for spots and redness is pretty bloody brilliant. It’s a yes from me.

Coming soon!


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