Travel · April 10, 2017

A Weekend By The Sea

I couldn’t count on two hands the amount of times my mum and I stopped in our tracks last weekend, shut our eyes for a split second, be it on the pier or pavement- soaked up the sun and just said ‘wow, THIS weather’. It was only a little over 17 degrees, but with zero sea breeze it felt positively summery. Driving from the station in a taxi I was shocked to see so many people in shorts and t-shirts (give a Brit a day of sun)- but the smell of vinegary chips, the chirp of pub gardens and a Pantone blue sky meant I was soon peeling off my coat and donning a red nose come 4pm…

Plus, after a hectic week- is there anywhere better than the seaside in the sun? Having planned the trip as a belated Mother’s Day treat for my mum (which tactfully included yours truly, ahem)- we spent the day covering everywhere from the high street, pier and bustling Laines- with afternoon tea at The Salt Room being our last venture.

Having heard endless things about the restaurant (and obviously spotted grids of snaps of the cloudy candyfloss dotted across Instagram too)- it was every bit as special as I’d expected. With the menu offering something a little more contemporary than most themed teas, at a little under Β£25pp you can get everything from squid ink salmon buns, truffled cheese toasties, oysters, chocolate pebbles and scones (duh)- which is pretty exceptional value when the standard is so high.

After filling up (and taking any leftovers for the road)- we headed back to our home for the evening- my favourite, Artist Residence. Having stayed before (and subsequently fallen in love with the hotel)- we felt wonderfully fortunate to have our own sea view and balcony on such a beautiful day, and naturally spent the remainder curled up on armchairs, magazines in tow- soaking up the last rays of the day- because let’s be honest, we never know when that sunshine might next be back.


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