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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 03/01/2017

It was the week the sun came out (as well as my pale pins), the week I took a little staycation with mama P (more on that coming tomorrow) and the week I hung out with Mary Berry. I know- I KNOW. I’m still not totally over it either, I did have to wash my arm sadly- but WHAT A DAY. Anyway, despite my excitement, I did have to do other things this week (like taxes, accounts and vet appointments) and in the mean time still found some gems worth reading- Happy Sunday!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R Sources: Man Repeller, The Frugality, Flavour)

The Must-Reads:
I’m a frequent clicker on anything Man Repeller publishes, and this week (after seeing my friend Sarah share it) I adored this piece on self respect, written by the amazing Dolly Alderton. She talks about self-maintenance, dignity and doing things for you and not an audience. She says, ‘self-respect is always voting, instead of always talking about voting. Self-respect is recycling, instead of talking about recycling. Self-respect is not making dinner plans with someone to keep them happy when you know you have too much work and you’re going to cancel day-of.’ As many other wonderful truths, and I strongly recommend a read. I also loved the piece published on what femininity means to a collective of inspiring women (all dressed in Dior, no less)- which was a total sartorial treat (and wonderfully written too). I also loved The Pool’s piece on feeling shamed into spending money and as always love tucking into the Refinery 29 Money Diaries– which are an amazing way of breaking the taboo about salaries and budgeting.

The Blog Post:
I’ve been a fan of Alex’s for ever and although I bloody love literally everything she posts (be it on Instagram, Stories or her blog)- she did publish a couple of pieces this week which I did want to especially share. The first was her chat with the amazing Naomi Mdudu and Marisa behind Missoma, discussing the balancing act of running a business and juggling it all which, as you’d expect, was incredibly insightful and helpful from two amazing women. I also loved her post about some very cool ethical brands, which has definitely pushed me to get my post on something similar in the works- as I have a lot of love for going green at the moment.

The Website Love:
It’s been a sweet while since I’ve got in the kitchen and done any kind of baking, but after seeing a few of Ruby Tandoh’s gorgeous recipes pop up on my Twitter feed this week- it’s become incredibly hard to avoid flicking on the hob, melting some butter and cooking up a storm. In particular her chocolate cake (in time for, ahem, Easter/every day) and the risotto. Hubba. Anyway, there’s plenty of delicious flavoursome recipes to cook at home, which don’t require obscure ingredients but have a serious taste pay off. Kudos, lady.

The Podcast:
Am I cheating by recommending something I haven’t yet listened to? Perhaps! Who knows! Anyway, if you were as much of a fan of Serial as I was (I still consider the Jay/Adnan debate on the regs) then I’ve heard S-Town is quite something (it’s also been created by the people behind Serial and This American Life, so I’m sure it won’t disappoint). I know I’m in no position to shed the total 411 on this, but I’m planning on giving it a listen this week- so if anyone has already checked it out, let me know what you thought!

Objects of desire: