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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week

Well happy Sunday! In a week of Doris, camera drama and non-stop meetings, I’m pretty excited to be spending this morning snuggled in bed reflecting on a busy two weeks (as sadly due to a bit of a camera/laptop/beer-spillage related incident last weeks post never quite made it, doh)! Anyway, the last two weeks have been pretty jam packed indeed. After a relatively quiet January, it feels like February has been a real warm up for the year ahead- with 3 awards bashes (!!!) dahhling (accompanied by a large case of imposter syndrome), a new-found 1975 addiction (totally not caring whether it’s cool/uncool to like them) and a flying day at London Fashion Week- I can’t quite believe how everything has flown by, and feel remarkably lucky to include all of those amazing experiences in this weeks round up.

Anyway! As per I thought I’d share a few of the gems that have tickled my pickle this week per se and hope you enjoy getting stuck into them as much as I have!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R Sources: Me & Orla, Girl Stole London, I Want You To Know & A Girl Called Cedar)

The Podcast:
Lately there’s been a lot of conversation about Instagram- bots, followers, spam, the grid (from myself included)- and it’s certainly making some noise. I haven’t had quite enough time to pen my thoughts coherently enough about it all (probably because I find it all so bizarre and complex)- but two suggestions I have for listening (and a bit of reading) come from Me & Orla (beautiful blogger, podcast host and Instagram extraordinaire) and Hannah Gale. Both discuss slightly different approaches to the matter (with Sarah offering fantastic tips for growing your following in a genuine and authentic way on her podcast)- and if you’re feeling a slight conundrum about things I definitely recommend checking them out.

The Must-Reads:
Oh there are always so many pieces I read online and want to share- typically, my memory is like a sieve but I’m getting better at making notes on important pieces a la Emma in order to spread some useful things. Anyway- first up we have my pal Kristabel’s beautifully written piece on her experience as being a black British blogger. Unfortunately, there is undeniably a huge lack of diversity in this industry, so opening up conversations like this one in such an articulate way is so important. It touches on subjects from growing up, representation and many things I know can be taken for granted. On top of that I also loved this piece on The Pool about ‘being a good worrier’ (although easier said than done, I’ll admit) as well as another incredible piece from Katherine about the blur of salaries reflected on social media and the taboo of money and earnings- another thing that isn’t spoken about enough. Finally, if you somehow haven’t come across the blog of my top pal Lauren, then this is one I highly recommend this week. Not only has she launched her incredible collection of tee’s to help raise money for her breast cancer treatment but she’s been posting on the regs and documenting her journey. I’ll be posting more about this soon, but she is one of the strongest, most upbeat and inspirational women I know- and I know that giving her writing a read will enhance your Sunday tenfold.

The Blogger:
Now, although there are so many bloggers I’l be including here and wanting to include- this month I wanted to give a shout to my pal Sarah, or, ahem, Cedar. Not only is she one of the most hard-working women I know (with a creative eye to rial most)- but she’s recently started a blog of her own, and if her dreamy Instagram is anything to go by- yup, we’re in for a treat. Not only is she beautiful and well dressed, but she’s articulate and sharp as hell and someone I know who has already got this blogging malarky down. You go pal.

The YouTube Video:
I bloody love watching Live Lounge videos, and this week I couldn’t stop playing Blossoms ‘Careless In Da Club’ when at Radio 1 recently. A bunch of talented lads indeed.

Objects of desire:

What have you been loving online this week? Answers on a postcard!


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