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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


Day 9 of Giftmas: For Mum

On the ninth day of Giftmas… it was all about treating mum!

When it comes to buying a gift for my mum, I’m all about the pampering! It seems predictable, but sometimes there’s a reason why certain gift ideas are so popular- and I definitely think a little bit of good TLC comes in the shape of some down time and relaxing products to help along the way…

(Knit: GAP, Perfume: Jo Malone, Nail Varnish: Chanel, Candle: Ecoya, Bath Salts: This Works, Sleep Spray: This Works, Printed Images: Photobox, Book: Waterstones)

…so let’s start with bath time! I’ve loved This Works for a ruddy long time now, and let me tell you they work. If you’re after some perfect bath time treats to help even the busiest of ladies unwind- both my mum and I can assure you that these will do the job (as well as a sweet-scented soy wax candle from Ecoya to burn and a good book to get lost in). On top of that (and if you really want to spoil her), Jo Malone are practically the holy grail of Christmas gifts- and if in doubt a Chanel nail varnish will always go down a treat (especially if she loves her beauty products)! I also couldn’t do a guide for mum without mentioning my total weakness for GAP knits (which my mum and I currently share)- there is definitely a reason I’ve seen this striped knit everywhere. Finally- if you want to make things a little more personal, I love getting pictures printed (be it from Instagram or otherwise)- which are great for framing, popping in an album or making small books from.

Check out mum picks from last year for more ideas, and come back tomorrow for day 10!


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