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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!


On Comparison

‘I’m not sure Alexa is sitting worrying about Ivy Park is she?’ – Joe, forever the voice of reason.

I don’t often sit down and have a big old typed heart to heart on here. I used to do it a little more when I began, and I was probably (or almost certainly) a little more liberal with my keyboard. A lot of bloggers and writers routinely pen their thoughts on careers, comparison and the like- and it’s only after a long week of cabin fever (read: watching Judge Rinder in crumb-covered-clothes) that I thought I’d put a little something together myself.

So, let’s start with this: I’m primarily a fashion blogger. I’ve been doing fashion and style related posts since I began over six years ago, and although there’s now a whole variety of different bloggers- that’s largely the bracket I fall into. However, unlike when I began- the sea of fashion bloggers is now so vast that seeing lots of people do different exciting, big, groundbreaking things can be incredible and also a little overwhelming.

But hold up! I’ll just stress this, I know what a fortunate position I’m in to be doing this full time. To even glance sideways at someone doing something that could vary from championing a book deal, a presenting job or huge campaign is unbelievable. But next to that, I do sometimes doubt my place in the blogging world. 99% of the time I seem to have a huge case of impostor syndrome (I recently went to an event and had to say to someone ‘lol! I don’t know why I’m here either!’). I dip into a few overlapping categories, am often described as having ‘quirky’ style (insert chin-scratch-emoji here) and am very good at putting a lot of pressure upon myself (as I know a lot of people, self employed or indeed otherwise, are incredibly guilty of).

So, upon a recent DMC* with Joe, he sat down and spoke a little sense into me that I thought I’d share here. Like explaining the offside rule via shoe shopping, Joe likened the sphere of blogging to T.V. In mediums like television there are much clearer demographics. For example, one thing Joe said to me was; ‘Liv, I don’t think Charlie Brooker is going to have sleepless nights over the viewing figures of Dr Who is he?’ Another example was using two of my faves Richard Ayoade and Dermot O’Leary (yup, because the only way I can explain situations is via TV). Dermot might have the X Factor gig- reaching a broader market, but Richard just wouldn’t quite suit the bill. He’d have to adapt his humour, his style- possibly so much he wouldn’t enjoy it- but that doesn’t make either of them any less successful. You can be the Bear Grylls of blogging or Ant and Dec- it doesn’t matter.

And it applies to everything. In short, success is so often built on numbers and not enough to what’s actually being offered to the readers, and you shouldn’t let this effect what you’re doing. It’s difficult- but it’s possible. You can be the Bridget Jones of blogging (which isn’t just applicable to my packing-sitch-on-safari) but still be producing things better than you’ve ever done. Just because you’re in your dressing gown, clicking through the Radio Times on your weekly ‘WHAT TIME IS FIRST DATES ON?! mission- it doesn’t mean that you’re lagging behind. Switch off your side eye goggles and set your sights straight ahead. Take what others are doing as a nod to an awesome industry and not a knock to your own personal bests- and care more about what you’re doing than anyone else. It’s what makes us stronger after all ~a cliché drop the mic~…

*deep meaningful chat, duh


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