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The year of travel- from Aus to Africa- as well as some of my favourite ever photos, I hope 2016 brings a small dose of wanderlust (and fashion inspiration if not)!

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Oh where to begin with relaying all of the incredible experiences I’ve had in Kenya over the last week! I can’t really begin to stress how fortunate I feel to have experienced and seen some of the things I have in the last five days, so have strung together a series of posts across the five days we were in Africa, talking about everything from the animals, locations, community projects and discoveries we shared- so I hope you enjoy!…

Before this year going on safari was never really something I’d considered. It was something I’d seen (and probably repinned) endlessly, but the idea of going about it and finally booking something seemed a little murky and I wouldn’t have even been sure about where to start- let’s just say the most familiar I’d ever gotten to a safari was siting on the apple Internet browser (Ho Ho Ho). So when I was invited by The Safari Collection to explore their magical properties across Kenya, I felt incredibly privileged to get to visit a part of such an incredible continent and can safely say it was unlike anything I’d experienced. So with five days of exploring three of their beautiful hideouts, we set off last Friday evening from London for our adventure to begin…

Our first stop was at beautiful Sasaab in Samburu. Located on the river, and tucked away in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District- the lodge is heavily inspired by traditional Morrocan decor with its rich terracotta, sweeping canopies, open bathroom and tiled plunge pools. With the resident dikdik Rosie and Thorn (as well as their wonderful hosts) greeting us- everyone from start to finish made us feel completely at home in this beautiful spot. With a busy couple of days at Sasaab on the agenda, we spent our time experiencing early morning game drives, camel rides across the bush (which naturally left me feeling like Joanna Lumley), drinks atop of Sundowner Rock and dinner underneath one of the starriest skies I’ve seen.

On top of that, during our visit we also visited the local Samburu village. The camp works incredibly closely with local communities and upon visiting the local village and warriors, I felt truly fortunate to be able to witness how a community this side of the world live. With Sasaab, and The Safari Collection working on initiatives that include eye and dental clinics, school feeding programmes and girls empowerment programmes- it was amazing to see how they support one another and learn about how they aim to provide unforgettable safari experiences whilst providing opportunities to the local people too.

And that’s of course without even mentioning the wildlife! After touching down on the airstrip after a short flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi- I’m pretty sure it was one of my greatest ‘pinch-me’ moments spotting a giraffe peeking out from the trees on our game drive back to camp. We continued to spot everything from a lion with it’s kill, some mischievous baboons and a small herd of elephants alongside the river. It was truly unforgettable seeing everything in the wild for the first time, and knowing it was only the first part of our journey made me feel all the more spoilt… Stay tuned!

A huge, huge thank you to the Safari Collection for this incredible experience and having me as a guest!


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