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With magazine placements on the side, 2013 was the last year I juggled blogging as a side gig. Things get a bit girlier in the style department too, with a lorra love for the sixties and a 'hive!

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Where Olivia Went: Switzerland


(Suit: C/O Lipsy, Body: Topshop, Shoes: ASOS, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters)

When I first ask you where these photos were taken it’s likely somewhere skimming the Mediterranean springs to mind- the rustic townhouses with worn in shutters, the blue lake overlooking rolling mountains; and the Italian speaking gentlemen playing erm, giant chess, by the classic gelato stand. Alas, you’d be forgiven to actually learn Joe and I were in Switzerland- Lugano in fact.

Tucked away on the Swiss Italian border and surrounding a fresh water lake (see, not completely wrong), Lugano is the perfect escape for somewhere that offers the perfect piece of Europe. Plus, on the flight there with Swiss airlines we were greeted with cheese baguettes and mini chocolate bars (so good I nearly asked if I could buy them)- cliche maybe? But completely delicious and certainly enough to make me travel with them again- thumbs up for this airplane food.


So- when I say Switzerland you say? Cheese? Chocolate? Alps? Fine time pieces? Correct. But after a short stay in the country, there really is a lot more than meets the eye, and after spending just under two days exploring Lugano with the wonderful ambassador Nina Haake and the extremely handy pocket pal app ‘Make my Switzerland’- Joe and I pretty much had it sorted.

After arriving on Friday evening, via a beautiful train journey through the rolling hills, we arrived. Soon after exploring the local area we headed to Parq for dinner; which completely blew me away. Now, I’m not usually one for steak (I know, I know) but this was quite something- cooked on a hot stone in front of you and peppered with salt and rosemary; it was without a doubt one of the tastiest places I’ve had the pleasure of eating in. Additionally, during our stay (and throughout the majority of summer) Lugano plays host to a series of festivals; including LongLake- so after a slap up meal we stumbled across some live jazz acts and outdoor bars (including a resident mojito one)- civilized, I think so!

The Saturday bought a day of exploration and discovering hidden gems, all without falling victim to any major tourist traps (not there there are many here) and drifting up and down winding staircases and steeped streets. We eventually stumbled across Italian fashion boutique ‘Le Défi’– home to many stunning labels; oh and Valentino RED. This may have equated to a cheeky purchase, but nonetheless it was the perfect location for a spot of afternoon lusting before continuing to explore…

and here’s what I wore…


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