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The Art Of Making Time

If you caught this post earlier this month, you’ll know I’m currently working alongside Amazon Video, as part of their #AmazonVideoClub- essentially a book club style online club, but for TV shows and series’- i.e the perfect motivation for me to keep up to date with all of the latest must-watches. As you may have heard, I’m not the most efficient when it comes to keeping up with T.V (and I bet you’ve never seen a guide as to ‘how to watch more TV’), but over the course of this club, I’ve managed to secure a few tips and tricks as to how to essentially ‘make time for TV’, and finally be able to look at a screen without it being totally work related…

So, how to make time for that series…

Start Multi-tasking!
…and by multi-tasking I don’t mean checking your phone when you watch ; )! When I can catch up on an episode of something whilst getting ready I absolutely will. The same goes for odd housework jobs, or doing the washing up (#glam); it’s the perfect time to make that half an hour or so a little more enjoyable (especially when the day-to-day task won’t divert your attention too much) and means I can slowly tackle a series without even realising.

Watch it with someone!
Whenever I watch something with Joe (or another person)- I’m almost 99% more likely to keep watching it afterwards. Ideally it’s great to be able to watch things together (and then gasp, giggle or scream in sync)- but if you can’t, having someone (or, ahem, Twitter) to talk about everything afterwards with, makes things so much more enjoyable- just make them promise they won’t race ahead!

Don’t watch when you’re tired!
This kind of goes without saying- when I tune in last thing at night, I can almost guarantee I won’t watch more than ten minutes before nodding off- meaning I’m usually stuck watching the same ten minutes for days on end, before I finally see sense, doh!

Make the time, and stick to it!
When something is airing on TV, it’s easy to have to make the time to tune in, but when it’s solely online, it can definitely be harder to commit. Aim to stick to a scheduled time and try and keep to it if you can- it’ll mean you’ll end up switching off earlier and staying committed (like TV is a deep, meaningful relationship).

…and if you can, download the app!
When I have wifi, and am out and about, the Amazon Video app is another great way of tuning in and catching up when I’m on the go. It’s a recent discovery of mine, but it’s so handy to have- and I can also download episodes to watch offline which I’m sure is a teeny bit of genius right there.

This week I’m hosting the final #AmazonVideoClub chat with the awesome Transparent! If you want to join in, there’s still time to tune in, and of course use the hashtag to chat too! I’d love to know what you think- I’m pretty sure it’s one of my favourites of the club!

Post in collaboration with Amazon Video UK, but successful attempt at watching series’, love of the screen and the internets all my own. Paid subscription of £39 starts automatically after trial unless cancelled. Terms and conditions apply: Sponsored by Amazon.


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