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How To Survive Sale Shopping

…and not end up in a sweat/panic/hot mess (cross as appropriate)…

In all honesty, after Christmas I try not to spend too much. The lead up is a costly time (as is the promise of another new year being self employed), so the thought of spending more money is often a little bit daunting, and a lot of the time I’d rather get lost in a Netflix series I’ve yet to complete (read: all of them), indulge in some serious PJ time and not think too much about the internet. But hey, I’m only human right? Providing things don’t get too impulsive, sale shopping can be a bit of a luxury (yup, you did just read that sentence), and in the past has allowed me to purchase things I possibly wouldn’t have otherwise, meaning the big red banners aren’t all wasted on me…

So, this year I wanted to share a few of my top sale shopping tips (like my inner Martin Lewis was yearning to do) if you are thinking of parting with some pennies and a few of my favourite finds, to perhaps inspire some of you sitting on the post-Christmas spending fence!

My top tips for getting the most out of the discounts!

If you can, sign up early: A lot of shops offer early sale access to registered customers, so making sure you’re signed up to their mailing lists can actually be really handy. Selfridges and Kate Spade are really good at this, and that way most things are ~normally~ still in stock too!

Have a hit list: In the past, some of my best ever sale buys (which, years later I’m still wearing) are the things I actually wanted and waited for. Planning out the things you’re willing to wait for (even if it’s during the ‘first’ reductions) is so handy, and saves time trailing through until you get to ‘that top I wanted!’ Saving items for later in your basket is always handy!

Like anything, budget: It’s often easy to assume that if something has gone from £200 to £50 it’s an amazing deal, but if it wasn’t something you necessarily needed in the first place, it’s still an expense. Try and budget accordingly for things, and try not to waver too much from how much you’d normally spend on something.

Don’t ponder, but check policies: Obviously leaving things too long means they sell out, and during sale time trying to find the item you needed when it’s flown out of stock isn’t bloody fun. If you see something, don’t hesitate too long in buying- but check returns policies- you don’t want to get stuck with anything if you change your mind…

Know what you need, but don’t rule everything else out: Knowing what you’ll get use out of is so handy come sale time (for e.g I know I’ll always love a good knit, denim and coats) but if you do see something that you do fall for, go with your gut. Last year, as an exception to my sale rules, I bought a pair of Zara ankle boots for about £40, and I haven’t taken them off since. I’m now sad I didn’t pick up a backup…

Get on Pinterest: A good way of planning what you could do with, is creating a Pinterest board. Get some ideas of the things you’ve liked for a long time, the looks that are inspiring you and the items you’ve got an eye on. I’ve even known Pinterest to email me when items on my boards have been marked down too, which is incredibly useful!

Oh my god, the TRAVEL SALES: One sale I’ve started visiting every year is the B.A sale, and OMG it’s amazing. For the last two years Joe and I have booked our holidays to New York through it, and it’s one of the best sales I’ve ever encountered. Not only are the flights amazing value, but there are incredible hotels as part of packages (not just old or corporate ones)- and the best part is you can pay everything off in instalments, so there’s no hefty downpayment- huzzah! I seriously recommend checking both the B.A and Virgin Atlantic sales out.

…and now my picks!

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