Style · November 8, 2019

Glasgow in the autumn time


Just a little post from me today, friends! I’m trying to balance more candid ‘in the moment’ posts with the more stylised fAsHwUn ones, and although these were taken this time last week on a rainy day in Glasgow, I thought I’d share them nonetheless!

We didn’t snap them with the intention of sharing them on the blog, but how often do you get to feel like a true lady of leisure with a bicycle with a basket and afternoon to kill in one of your favourite cities?

We were up in Glasgow with Kimpton (for a project that I’ve been sharing over on my Instagram this week), and after exploring the hotel, we had a few hours to revisit some favourites in the city- before seeking out pizza and a little refuge from the rain. Although I’ll be sharing a full updated guide this weekend to the city, it’s safe to say Glasgow has quickly become one of my favourite UK cities- and I can’t believe it’s only truly been the last couple of years that I’ve really dedicated enough time soaking it up (and not solely to pester Amy, either)…



Anyway- all things Glasgow aside (until tomorrow anyway). I hope you’ve all had a lovely week! My first printed proof of THE BOOK came in, which although I’ve been looking at on a screen for the past 8 months- truly felt like the first ‘oh my god THIS IS HAPPENING’ moment. It’s just over three months until it comes out (!), and finishing up on the last few pieces (writing the acknowledgements this week was TOUGH) has really felt like one of the final hurdles. It’s so funny sitting with something so mammoth for so long and barely having anyone else’s opinion on it, so I’m so excited (for now) about putting it out into the world, and hoping it can bring just a little company and pick me up for anyone that might need it.

But! I’m not going to waffle on too much. I’m currently sitting on the sofa with Joe and Maggie watching (well, half watching) Masterchef, and if I wrap this up now I can pretend I’ve been paying full attention during the signature challenge all along- AHA!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend- keep your peepers peeled for the Glasgow guide, it’s a good ‘un I promise!


(Hat: ASOS, Coat: Gifted from Sezane, Top: Gifted from Sezane, Jeans: Levi’s, Boots: Old Reserved, Bag: Radley) *contains affiliate links

Photos by Joe Galvin.



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