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Are you festival ready?

Zalando Festival What Olivia Did
Zalando Festival What Olivia Did
Zalando Festival What Olivia DidZalando Festival What Olivia Did

With The Great Escape having kicked off the British festival rounds, wellington boots and Dr Martens shined for the season and Primavera bringing new sounds to Spanish cities this weekend- it’s safe to say festival season has arrived. Around this time each year blogs, magazines and websites will begin compiling the most covetable festival pieces, be it impractical tassels (trust me portaloos + tassel dresses = no), more flower crowns and kimonos than you shake a stick at and short’s so short it’ll have you running to your nearest L.A Fitness before Wilderness starts. Now, in collaboration with online shopping haven Zalando, myself and a handful of other awesome bloggers have helped pop together a festival shopping guide as part of the brands festival hub- with everything from city field days, muddy mash ups (where wellies will be totally obligatory) and overseas soirees all covered- so you’ll never be caught short when an expected shower hits, or a heatwave for that matter.

So, I popped together one of my safest style bets for the season, a loose printed (yet pretty) dress (meaning nobody can spot those totally unintentional grass stains), biker jacket (perfect for keeping warm during the evenings), fedora (greasy hair? Me? Never) and ankle boots (nude tights optional)- which could easily take me from city to tent- and is a pretty fail safe style sum for anyone deliberating how to dress for the fields. On top of that, I’ve also popped a few of my top festival tips below (don’t ever assume festivals are glamorous)- but if you’d like another post on that in more depth, let me know too!

Zalando Festival What Olivia Did
Zalando Festival What Olivia Did
Zalando Festival What Olivia Did

Bracing yourself for the great outdoors…

– Always take options. If you’re not sure on what the weather will be like, take a few staples that you don’t mind getting grubby. It’s a nice idea to take that Florence Welch vintage style lace dress you picked up on Brick Lane, but how easy is it going to be to wash? You don’t have to take things ‘that you’ll never wear again’ but take things that will be easy to care for afterwards!

– Tights, tights, tights! Although festivals seem to be all about the bare leg- when an unexpected shower strikes, or the sun goes down- your pins will get chilly, trust me! Always have a back up pair- even if you’re lucky enough to not need them.

– When I’m camping, I usually massively feel the chill at night- meaning a hoodie, jumper, leggings and big bed socks are the order of the day when the time comes to curl up (especially if you’re not one to solely wear a beer jacket to bed…)

– Always, always, always take loo roll. And vapour rub if you want to avoid the smell of the loos too. Not glam, but so, so necessary.

– If you can, disconnect. I’ve never been to a festival with a big camera and iPhone- and love the feeling or being disconnected, and simply enjoying the moment. There’s a charm about not comparing your festival experience to someone else’s whilst your there (‘Oh, now I WISH I’d seen them instead of the band we saw’ or ‘Her outfit is SO much cuter than mine’) so if you can pack a disposable and a Nokia 3310 and enjoy the music, trust me- Instagram can wait.

Post as a part of the Zalando festival project!


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