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Keeping Up With The Joneses, I mean, Internet

Keeping Up With Blogging

…and not comparing yourself in-between…

I have been blogging for 5 years and I think I just about get it. I know how to put together a post I feel 100% confident in putting ‘out there’, taking photos I feel proud of (despite any silly poses and passers by giving out some interesting looks) and then writing some words to accompany everything that I hope can make at least one person smile (laughing is an even bigger bonus)- and I really, really love it.

The thing is, the internet moves quicker than an Emmerdale story-line (so much so that I gave up watching). It’s quick, fleeting and a little bit dramatic at times- which means keeping up, as well as creating content (not Kane Dingle related)- can be an art in itself sometimes- and sometimes things can get a bit much. Blogging is something, but Youtube is something else- and it’s a bit tricky. I am not a video maker. Having never used iMovie before (let along Premiere Cut 1200 Zoom Plus Pro or whatever it’s called) I am a complete novice to everything film- so trying to communicate an idea you have (especially if 100 Google searches and forum counts can’t help) is really quite difficult. I know practise makes perfect, I really do- but going from a platform you feel more than competent in, to something you are very much a beginner at is a weird feeling, and it’s hard to not compare yourself…

…and keeping up is hard. people want quality. There are so many amazing YouTubers out there, that it’s hard to begin somewhere with videos that are fuelled by obscure jump cuts, ‘ums’ and ‘ah’s and silly in-between news presenter faces, without feeling a little demotivated and that it’s not quite up to the cut (yes, pun intended). It is massively exciting, and there is definitely a sense of satisfaction that comes with learning a new skill, but that’s exactly what it is- a skill. I never have, but don’t ever assume that not a lot goes into making a good YouTube channel- because it is blooming tough (says the girl with 11 videos). I have massive, massive resPEK for people who can keep an amazing channel ticking over, and it does give me drive to keep on creating better content- as let’s face it, things are getting there.

The main thing I wanted to touch on though is about comparison. One of my favourite quotes (or, well, favourite to keep in mind) is ‘comparison is the theif of joy’- something I had to remind myself this weekend after scrolling through endless fantastic blogs, channels- and Instagram accounts and then feeling like I wasn’t doing enough (a great partner for PMT. Ahem). Should I be trying harder? Should I be more stats driven? Should I have a strategy behind my blog? Or should I just stop worrying (the latter being my eventual conclusion). And then, (in the most Carrie Bradshaw like way)- I thought- do I need to keep up? I love blogging. I loved it when I began five years ago, with no pressures, deadlines or any ideas of ‘fame’ and ‘success’, and I love it now with all of those things too. Although it is hard to be focussed on you, when seemingly everyone is achieving greater, more important things (‘Mum, people are writing books AND I’M ONLY TAKING PICTURES OF MYSELF!’)- it’s the main thing you have to do. There’s enough internet to go round after all, kids- so stop worrying that you aren’t as flash as Cyber Cindy- because after all, she’s could be comparing herself to you too.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m trying to say with this post. I guess it’s simply just to use my blog. My web-log. To document fleeting thoughts and feelings, and document them in a diary like way. So yes, that’s what this post is. Just a blog post. No posing, no comparing, just thoughts- and zero comparison- and that’s definitely ok, I think!


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