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What Olivia Cooked: Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe

If there’s one way of satisfying a sugary sweet craving, it’s with a ruddy good doughnut. Although there’s nothing like grabbing a paper bag of them warm at the seaside (and then trying not to lick your lips and getting all of your hair in your face, thanks wind), the next best thing is definitely giving them a go yourself, and being able to eat them fresh (and as messily as you wish). Plus, unlike a fair few dough based recipes, these don’t take an age- and they can be made and eaten in the same day- bonus! The only thing you may wish to have handy is a deep fat fryer (I got a mini one from Amazon for £15)- but a saucepan and oil should do a similar job!

Also- a little thank you to everyone that has given any of these recipes a go themselves! It means such a lot to see people giving things a try and using the hashtag #bakewithliv- so thank you, and keep baking! ; ) Anyway- on to the doughnuts!

You will need:
– 450g plain white flour
– 7g sachet fast action yeast
– 25g butter
– 75g caster sugar
– 2 beaten eggs
– 6 tbs warm milk (whizz this in the microwave for 10 seconds)
– 6 tbs warm water
– Jam/Nutella/filling of your choice
– 50g caster sugar to coat
– 1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
– Bottle of vegetable oil
– Chocolate bar/sauce and strawberries for afters!

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe

1. Sift your flour and add your yeast together in a bowl, before adding the butter and rubbing it in to create a crumby texture. Add in your sugar, before making a well in the centre and adding in your eggs, milk and water gradually (you can always add a little more water if the mix is a little dry).

2. Flour a clean work surface and knead your dough for about fifteen minutes until completely smooth and mixed. Add into your bowl again and cover with cling film and leave to rise for about an hour and a half (a little longer if necessary is fine though).

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
3. Remove the dough from the bowl and knead for another couple of minutes. Flour and grease a couple of baking trays and then cut your doughnuts in to 12 equal pieces, before rolling each into a ball.

4. If you opt for a filling (totally not essential) flatten a dough ball and place a little teaspoon of jam/Nutella in the centre (you really don’t need too much for this) before resealing and making sure there’s no leakages!

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
5. Place your doughnuts onto the baking sheets and cover once more with cling film before leaving to prove for half an hour or so- just until they’ve risen until around double their size.

6. Switch on your deep fat fryer and turn to about 160/180 degrees and leave to heat up (this should all be with your instructions)! Doing a few at a time (depending on the size of your fryer and doughnuts) fry your doughnuts for around five minutes until brown and done- be careful with the hot oil, and please grab an adult if necessary (I may or may not have done…)!

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe
7. Place each finished doughnut on a kitchen towel to absorb any extra oil, and mix your extra sugar and cinnamon together to create a tasty topping. Roll each donut in the sugar until perfectly coated!

8. Grab a little bowl of dipping chocolate (or melt a favourite chocolate bar) and some fresh strawberries for the ultimate indulgent snack!

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Recipe

If you give these a go yourself don’t forget to use the hashtag #bakewithliv so I can see! Also, let me know if there’s any recipes you’d like to see!


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