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Sunday Duvet Reading: This Week 19/06/2017

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Having started the week in beautiful Zakynthos with some of my favourite women in blogging/in general (more on the adventure next week)- we chatted about everything from work, the world and Justin Bieber (things got deep)- and ended up back in the U.K, with the sun sea and sand having safely been replaced by pads filled with frantic to-do lists in what looks to be a pretty mad week next week. It certainly made me realise the importance of switching off every once in a while and how key a little bit of R&R really is. I can’t wait to share what we got up to in the coming days, so stay tuned too!

This weeks reading to get your teeth in to…

(L-R: Blogosphere, Kim, Gracie, Anna)

The Must-Reads:
I’m going to cheat a little bit here and throw in some IRL reading for you. I know this is primarily about the good stuff online, but excitingly, Joe and I have a feature in this months Blogosphere magazine which is ridiculously cool (there’s four pages of us- I KNOW)- so if you fancy having a DMC with the Galvis’s then I suggest you head on over here. In terms of web pages open, I’ve been loving catching up with my pal Kim’s blog for whenever I hit a style rut and also loved this piece by Gracie on ‘flattering dressing’ and why your outfits don’t have to conform to any flattering ‘norms’- with some beautiful photos at that too.

The Video:

It’s about as obvious as saying your favourite band is The Beatles, but man- this week I have been loving tucking into Zoe’s moving vlogs. Not only does it feel incredibly #relevant (lol) for me right now (what with big yellow storage boxes being my first, my last and my everything), but they’ve genuinely made me excited for the new chapter in my life and have been the perfect way to unwind with at the end of a busy day- there’s something incredibly comforting about tuning into these and it’s no secret I’m a big Zoe fan either. Congrats, lady! As always I’ve also been loving watching my pal’s Hannah and Stef- and their latest holiday video is a total knockout.

ALSO! It’s absolutely key that I give another shout out to my beautiful friend Meg and her amazing #smearforsmear video. Last week was Cervical Screening Awareness Week and I cannot stress how important this is. It’s a cause incredibly close to my heart and if you watch any videos today I highly recommend you make this one of them.

The Website Love:

I’ve mentioned Roz endlessly over here (she is by far one the most articulate wonderful writers I know), and one of her most recent pieces for Buzzfeed was a truly enlightening and important piece on body image and the modelling industry. On a totally separate web love- I have also been adoring Anna’s beautiful content of late- and as well as seriously indulging in her wedding pieces, have loved her summer style updates too- what a dreamboat!

Objects of desire:

ALSO! My friend Lauren has updated her t-shirt shop and there’s some amazing new designs, so go go go!


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