Europe Travel · June 29, 2017

Welcome To Peligoni

For a long time Greece has been on my list of places to visit. With the closest I’ve ever been being a brief stint reading The Oydssey during my first year of uni (followed by subsequently missing out on what I shall title the Great Santorini Craze of 2016) and only ever eaten Tzatziki from a Sainsburys tub- it’s been a long time coming to tick one of the many islands from my bucket list- but let me assure you, it was certainly worth the wait. After being invited by my dear pal (and travel buddy extraordinaire) Lucy earlier this year, I jumped at the chance of a girlie trip to Zakynthos to the beautiful Peligoni Club (with Katherine, Julia and Frances completing the gang too)…

Now, I’ll be honest and say that before I visited Zakynthos, I’d only ever really known it as ‘Zante’- the party island you go to on your first proper holiday, or something you’d chance seeing on a BBC3 documentary involving parents and teenagers. Ahem. I was blissfully unaware of it’s boundless beauty, oceans as turquoise as something you’d see from a blogger in the Maldives and stunning landscapes. In short, it’s safe to say Peligoni exceeded all and any expectations I had- and subsequently turned out to be one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited.

Situated at the north of the island, the Peligoni Club feels a little like visiting old friends for the week. With your own villa situated a stones throw away from the club (which you can be driven to at your beck and call), the club holds host to everything from delicious food, cocktails, water sports, a spa, pool and decks alongside the water where you can swim out on to the pontoon and catch some rays from the ocean. It’s all exceptionally magical, inclusive and from the word go you’ll be treated like part of the family (to the point where on our second night we’d successfully turned Open Mic Night into an all-inclusive Mamma Mia sing along)…

And the villa! Our villa, Fincha, was a five minute drive through the hills from the club. Although they have a selection of villas for all party sizes and budgets (trust me, I’m already planning a return with my family)- ours suited perfectly and boasted beautiful sea views, with an airy open-plan kitchen and pool area for lazy afternoon dips. During the mornings we’d be able to get a breakfast hamper delivered up- with fresh flaky pastries and juicy fruit, and one evening also had a chef come and cater for us- meaning we could sit and chat and know dinner was taken care of- perfect after a long day out.

On top of that, most nights the club holds themed evenings- be it communal family suppers with sharing plates, or Italian feasts from their open kitchen. It truly acted as so much more than a base during our trip, and made everything feel as stress free, relaxed and pleasurable as a holiday should…

In fear of this post becoming a little long, I’ve also got a series of posts lined up talking about some of the other adventures we went on during our stay on the island. These include a spellbinding morning at Shipwreck Cove, a dinner at an old monastery and an evening at sea on their fishing boat, Odyssey. I can’t wait to share more of what we got up to- so stay tuned for more magic!


A huge thanks to Peligoni for accommodating us for an amazing few days, it was truly unforgettable.

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