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A year full time and city guides a-plenty, my first venture into YouTube and a baby puppy addition- 2014 was an exciting one!

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When Olivia Saw: Parquet Courts

For a lot of couples, Valentine’s Day is about staring into one another’s eyes over a plate of cured meats, chocolate fondants and expensive wine, declaring undying love over priceless city sights and avoiding burning napkins when table candles get a little fancy (not that there is anything wrong with this). This year however, although Joe and I made time for a good steak (The Coal Shed in Brighton btw) it was more about checking out Brooklyn bombshells Parquet Courts on their whistle stop tour to the UK, and battling a very windy seafront to do so.

Parquet Courts Concorde Brighton Feb 2013
Parquet Courts Concorde Brighton Feb 2013

Parquet Courts are a band self confessed to not warming particularly well all things British and quaint- meaning I’m sure one of the last places they’d care for a mention is my corner of the internet (you gotta laugh), but being a band that pretty much make their way onto every commuting playlist of mine, and slip into every recommendation I give- it felt wrong to not let you into one of my favourite musical (not so) secrets, especially after catching them last month…

Parquet Courts Brighton Concorde Feb 2014

With throbbing baselines, the playing-hard-to get reluctance they ooze on stage (accessorised with blank expressions), teamed with turbo charged riffs and songs about munchies and donuts (who can go wrong with the latter?) it was a gig I genuinely felt excited to be at, and it seemed by the sold out crowd, that I wasn’t the only person. With album highlights such as ‘Stoned and Starving’, ‘Master of my Craft’ and ‘Borrowed Time’ undoubtedly getting the best response (and throwing me into a mosh pit which Liv circa ’07 would have gone mad for) it was some of the most fun I’ve had at a gig for ages, and makes me pretty blooming excited for the new material ( ‘Duckin and Dodgin’ gaging a pretty amazing response for a new track too)- certainly worth nearly getting blown away for.

Parquet Courts Concorde Brighton Feb 2013

If you do nothing else listen to:
– Stoned and Starving – Light Up Gold II – You Got Me Wonderin’ Now – Master Of My Craft –


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