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With magazine placements on the side, 2013 was the last year I juggled blogging as a side gig. Things get a bit girlier in the style department too, with a lorra love for the sixties and a 'hive!


When Olivia, erm, got fit?


(This T-Shirt will make you look like the ultimate reluctant gym-goer, but I love it and it’s true- P.S it’s Urban Outfitters, Wildfox)

Remember that scene in Grease, where Danny Zuko goes up to the playing field ‘rockin’ and rollin’ (being a cocky mister), trying to be a jock, attempting sports- and fails, miserably. I guess you could say that’s how I spent my first ever gym session yesterday morning, attempting a ‘Body Pump’ class- and being that person who lies on the bench in an over sized t shirt, trying to look like they know what they’re doing, and accidentally looking like something from a weight loss show. Sweating, of course.

Glamorous right?


Anyway- for a long time I’ve been trying to ‘get fit’. I’ve tried the 30 Day Shred (trust me I have), but after 5 days and an inconsistent schedule I sadly had to leave Gillian, I’ve tried the whole ‘walking/running around the park’ thing and even so far as sit ups on my bedroom floor- but the time has come. The gym was my next option.

Alongside the launch of a new secret (and improved) recipe, Special K have sponsored me to pledge to do something to improve myself as part of their ‘Make A Change’ campaign. Having dropped (literally) the ‘Drop A Dress Size’ campaign and taken to celebrating us ladies for who we actually are (think improving ourselves via confidence and the inside)- they’ve launched this new campaign in order to help us make more positive changes, and set new goals.

Over the next three months I’ll be posting once a month with a little ‘fitness’ update, whether it be a playlist to get you motivated, a sneak peek into my gym bag- or just a general catch up; please keep with me through my mini journey and as my lovely pal Kristabel would say; ‘witness the fitness’!


P.S This project and this post has been bought to you in collaboration with Special K, and Kellogg have sponsored me in achieving my goal- however I am not a spokesperson for the brand. If you fancy making a change yourself, always seek help from professionals before getting started- no hurts here please! As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own- and am honest as ever!

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