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With magazine placements on the side, 2013 was the last year I juggled blogging as a side gig. Things get a bit girlier in the style department too, with a lorra love for the sixties and a 'hive!


I’ve got my giant hit discothèque album, I empty a bottle and I feel a bit free


(Hat: Topshop, Shirt: C/O Ever Ours, Skirt: MINKPINK (similar here), Necklace: C/O Millie ‘n’ Mae, Shoes: C/O Linzi)

Although the temptation to stay curled up among my pillows, cocooned in my duvet and hanging out with Ruth and Eamonn (or, y’know Holly and Phil dependent on which day it is) is often more than tempting during a rare free day off, most of the time, in reality- my favourite way to spend a bit of spare time is exploring the city (usually London)- especially when you have a list as long as your arm of ‘places I must visit’.

With that in mind, and the plain fact that pancakes simply won’t eat themselves- Jazmine and I started the afternoon with a visit to Chelsea’s famous pancake house, My Old Dutch. Now, any space dedicated simply to pancakes already gets a whooping thumbs up from me, but trust me- these are bad ass pancakes- holy crepe indeed. With the circumference of one ‘normal’ sized pancake probably equating to the total of three of my homemade ones rolled into one biggun’, these were not for the faint hearted- but were so damn good, if you are faint hearted you should try one anyway.
Following our pancake eating endeavors, we headed to an exhibition I’d be wanting to see, a little along the Kings Road. Titled ‘Sixties London’ by Dorothy Bohm- my dad has spotted it in the Metro- and correctly thought I’d be right up my street. Having not properly been to an exhibition since my good ol’ A Level Photography days, it was refreshing to become re inspired by an artists work- especially knowing I wouldn’t have to do a page write up and recreational piece afterwards.

”I tried not to be content with just the façade or outward appearance of things. I hoped to penetrate just beyond that, to portray living London: the people who pursued their daily occupations, walked, talked, ate or relaxed and dressed in the fashions of the time”- Dorothy Bohm

The gallery displayed images from everywhere from Hanover Square to Petticoat Lane- which oozed a gritty yet nostalgic reality in some absolutely breathtaking locations; from moddish boys with Beatles bowl hair cuts to backstreet alleys loitered with mischievous school children- all candid images, and all perfectly summarizing a completely inspiring era…


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