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My Maternity Wardrobe Staples So Far…

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Now, I can confidently say I am no expert in maternity dressing. I’ve had countless number of days where in the last seven months I have stood in front of my wardrobe, gormless and overwhelmed by the fastenings, buttons and zips that won’t so much as catch sight of one another for a long while and wondered what to put on that isn’t another pair of 90% stretch trousers… 

…but I’m getting there. I’ve started to work out the things that are near-enough failsafe for a growing bump, and if anything, surprisingly- it’s arguably made me think a little more about my own personal style. Because long gone are the days of turning to jeans and a jumper when I’ve not known what to put on in the morning- everything feels like it has to be a little more conscious if it’s not simply leggings- and strangely, getting dressed feels more like an occasion than a simple part of my routine.


My style, and clothes are something I enjoy so much, and I’ve been trying (when I feel I can) to make sure that during such a special time, they’re still something to be celebrated too.

Anyway- I’m sure there’s more to be said on the above, but today I thought I’d share the handful of staples that have proved so, so useful in the last few months in my wardrobe. I’ve tried to limit buying new if I can, and if I have invested in anything- have tried to work out the practicalities- how useful it’ll be in a few months, a year and so on- and the likelihood I’ll keep wearing it again and again. Obviously not every dress will be breastfeeding appropriate, but that’s not to say it won’t last long beyond that time too. I hope these prove a little useful for anyone feeling overwhelmed, a little bit lost or not knowing where to start with maternity basics. You don’t have to change the way you dress- you might have to adapt a little, but as I’ve discovered (and am discovering), style goes on through pregnancy (it just might be a little stretch-ier, that’s all)…

On Denim…

I think when I became pregnant; one of the first big shifts in my wardrobe was jeans. I’m a religious high-waisted denim wearer, and if there’s one thing that a bump doesn’t accommodate- it’s that. I wore unbuttoned ‘hairband’ trick pairs until I couldn’t, but honestly wasn’t sure if I’d veer down the maternity jeans route- but here we are! I think the trick to maternity jeans is not buying too early. I ordered a few pairs at sixteen weeks and they comfortably, did not look right. Obviously every bump is different (I didn’t realise they weren’t even ‘perfectly round’ until now) and one person’s sixteen week denim dream just isn’t someone else’s. But, after doing a bit more digging, trying out some ‘over’ and ‘under’ the bump styles- realised there are in fact some quite nice pairs out there, with this and this pair being favourites (as an FYI, I did size up in both pairs as found waists a little tricky). Although it’s taken a bit of getting used to not ‘tucking in’, I’m glad that I can still lean on some good denim when I’m feeling a bit uninspired, and they tick the comfy boxes too, which is absolutely the main thing.



The Underwear…

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I turned a lot to soft jersey and cotton bras- anything that felt relatively supportive, without the restrictions of wiring or sturdy cups (things a little like this and this). This was a glorious novelty which didn’t last quite as long as I’d anticipated, and soon I was on the hunt for maternity and nursing bras that felt relatively pretty, whilst still being practical, comfortable and accommodating for an ever-changing bra size. Thankfully I spotted a post Florrie did, and ended up picking up one of Six’s gorgeous numbers, as well as a more ‘ballet style’ pink one from Boob too. They’ve both served me so well so far, and although are a little of an investment, know I’ll definitely be picking a couple more up in the next few months.

And Tights…

The one thing about being pregnant in summer, is that most dresses do all of the leg work without the need for warmth- but come October- or any day with a temperature below 10 degrees and a spiky wind chill, you know tights will be your best friend. Now, at the best of times I struggle with a good pair of tights- ones that don’t fall down, hole or require me to hoist them up every few minutes. Thankfully after a bit of searching- this dotted pair are doing a great job at a) livening up any simple outfits, and b) hiding under dresses without causing any Dick Van Dyke penguin style scenarios. I’ve also heard very generous things about New Look and Hedoine’s tights selection, so they both might be worth adding to the list too.



A Good Vintage Dress…

For me, a good vintage dress has been my sartorial saving grace over the last few months. It’s the one item that’s helped me feel like myself on days where I haven’t- and thankfully, a lot of the shapes I go for- be that empire waisted, smocks or prairie- seem to accommodate a bump really well (which means that shopping second hand and Depop trawls during pregnancy feel relatively easy too)! Occasionally I’ve had a bit of a ‘fabric is stuck to hidden leggings underneath moment’- but thankfully that can be remedied by petticoat or slip skirts underneath, or even a nice woolly pair of long johns (just to remind you this is Liv typing, and not Jo March)…

And Finally- Leggings…

If there’s one pair of leggings that deserve an award, and have lasted me so bloody well from pre-pregnancy, until now (and I imagine beyond)- it’s the Lulu Lemon Align pants. They’re not cheap, but when it comes to a pair of leggings that will see you through everything (they’re literally all I used to wear to the gym), these are your guys. They’re buttery soft, stretchy, high waisted, come in every colour under the sun- and truly are the perfect partner to a chunky jumper (or yoga top, depending on which way inclined you are). They’ve seen everything from the gym, sofa days, loft sort outs and even bed naps and I don’t think my maternity wardrobe, or even general wardrobe would be complete without them.

If you’re pregnant, or have had a tiny one- I’d love to know about your maternity staples too!




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    Hollie foster
    December 2, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    Awwwjhh I love this. Gorgeous lady with a gorgeous bump! I was pregnant last winter and had my twin boys March 2 days before the lockdown announcement ahh!! My go to was dungarees or lulu lemon leggings always! Big hugs to you!!!

  • Reply
    December 2, 2020 at 10:51 pm

    Maternity jeans have been sooo difficult to get right, especially without the usual high waisted go to style! H&M over the bump leggings aren’t favourite, especially as in the earlier days you can fold them down for a lovely wide waistband. However, I’m pretty sure that after this pregnancy I’m not going to want to go near another Breton stripe for a very, very long time! (It seems to be some unwritten maternity uniform that all tops must be striped!)

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    December 7, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    Thank you for such an inspiring blog.

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