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Style Icons: Drew Barrymore

“I want people to be blown away when I do what they don’t expect.” – Drew Barrymore

There is something utterly irresistible about the laid back eccentricity of Drew Barrymore’s style that I just can’t put my finger on. Whether it is her boyish checked trucker shirts, her unfathomably cool ability to balance a perfect ratio between ‘street chic’ and ‘red carpet glamour’ or simply the charm she carries it off with, Barrymore is not only an award winning actor, director and producer- but a woman who has pure organic style.

With glimmers of her 90’s wild child peeking through many of her outfits, unlike most women who appear page to page on weekly fashion magazines and blogs, Barrymore has a somewhat ‘chameleon’ take on clothing, not confining herself to one particular aspect of style, mixing up outfits with conflicting colour hues, feminine and boyish shapes and channelling a playful mix of eras with each outfit.

Whilst most teenage girls scream and yearn for that Alexa Chung ‘ombre’ or ‘dip dyed’ ‘do, Barrymore is less than credited for her similarly ‘daring’ skills in the ol’ barnet department, adding block shades and tones to her hair, complimenting her ever changing style.

Additionally, there is an allure about Barrymore that gives you the idea she is simply playing ‘dress up’ exactly how she wants and not taking ‘fashion’ or dressing too seriously, nor conforming to the ever changing and rapidly disposable trends. This in all honesty, is pretty refreshing in what can be described as a hugely over subscribed industry, and quite honestly I think we could do with more of it.

Get Drew’s Look:

(From top left: Shirt: Topshop, Jeans: Miss Selfridge, Tee: Sweet & Sour for Topshop, Hat:, Maxi Skirt: Dorothy Perkins, Denim shirt: Fat Face, Boots: Dorothy Perkins, Glasses: Forever 21)


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