Style · November 14, 2019

An afternoon in rainy Edinburgh


Arriving in Edinburgh, we’d of course bought with us the showers from Glasgow- which meant long leisurely strolls in these (clearly strategically selected) white dungarees were off the cards.

After dropping our bags off and checking in, we headed straight down to the Newington pocket of Edinburgh- somewhere we fell in love with a few weeks ago on our little staycation, and somewhere with a few spots we really wanted to head back to.

Although a cultured stroll around Palace of Holyroodhouse would have been favourable (we headed there last time and can’t recommend it enough to soak up some history), we instead dipped in and out of shops, meandering through some of the most beautiful streets I’ve seen- with Christmas-card houses shrouded with orange and yellow autumn leaves, and people sat in window bays reading the Saturday papers onto the drizzly streets below.

Sometimes it’s those moments in a city- the ones where you’re just nosing on people doing their day-to-day, that you really get a feel for a place. It’s then that you can picture yourself popping out for a pint of milk in your pajama bottoms, wrapping up from the bracing breeze along your long front path and then tucking into one of the grand entrances to dry off again. Or the ones where you pop out of the hotel come evening for a drink before dinner, in a dimly-lit bar that’s packed full of residents heading out for the evening just as you’re heading back. It’s one of my favourite things, and lazily strolling around before it got dark (which is preeeetty early now) was a real treat.



Plus, it’s only when I’m away from home that I suddenly get into my sartorial groove, which often means that picking the most appropriate things go out of the window in exchange for excitement for the unworn. Not to say that white dungarees and a shirt is anything exciting- but sometimes in the day-to-day, at home- or dashing to meetings, I find it so easy to head to my trusty jeans-and-a-nice-top, that I forget anything else exists in my wardrobe. I’m sure there’s a whole post in this, but does anyone else feel like that? Whether they’re on holiday somewhere hot, or just in a new city- packing brings out my need to experiment with my wardrobe more, or brave the things (in this case, white cord dungarees) that would otherwise be left waiting.

Anyway- keep your eyes peeled for my full 12 hour autumnal Edinburgh itinerary coming this weekend on the blog! I know I’ve done a couple of guides before, but I’ve added in some new spots that I hope you’ll like!



(Coat: Love and Squalor, Shirt: Gifted from Sezane, Dungarees: Gifted from & Other Stories, Glasses: Old Bailey Nelson (now Ollie Quinn), Shoes: Reserved (old), Bag: Radley (old))

Photos by Joe Galvin



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