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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...


History trip

(Jacket: Whistles, Jumper: COS, Shirt: Glamorous, Skirt:Next, Shoes: Russell & Bromley, Bag:Mulberry, Ring: C/O Zara Taylor)

Before I left Nottingham on Sunday afternoon, I was adamant we paid a brief visit to the castle and the old town, and pub surrounding it. Having studied castles in history through my GCSE’s (stone keeps are the bee’s knees), my inner history dork was having a field-day- with the site being the location of the first ever castle built by William the Conqueror, it’s a pretty cool place to have a look around. The site is also surrounded by Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem, England’s oldest inn and and an array of beautiful old bed brick building decorated with red, white and blue bunting.

Additionally, it made a pretty cool backdrop for some pretty windy Autumnal outfit snaps. Once again, I’m wearing my COS jumper (3 posts in a row- sorry folks) but with the addition of my other favourite skirt. After shooting this skirt at work last week on a ‘ways to wear leather’ feature, I fell in love with it. At ยฃ25 and in one of the most wearable colours of this season, I couldn’t say no. Plus, when worn with a leather jacket, it doesn’t equal for leather overkill or anything too biker/Pretty Woman esque, which in my opinion is definitely a good thing, especially when out for a light lunch…


Before our visit to the castle, we made a trip to a gorgeous cafe in the city centre called Homemade. After doing my routine foodie ‘recommendations’ ask on Twitter before a trip, I was told about this lovely little place (thank you whoever recommended it- I’ve completely forgotten!) and had it down as a place to grab lunch.

Being a relatively fussy eater, and without a doubt always opting for Italian food this place was right up my street. Combining delicious salads, toasties and ciabatta, lasagne’s AND afternoon teas, I’m almost certain this place was made for me. I opted for the med veg and mozzarella ciabatta sandwich- and finished up lots of lustful stares at the cakes (I was very full…) but I definitely recommend it to any Nottingham locals- I wish I’d known about it sooner!


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