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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...

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5 Minutes With… Cherry Healey


After watching her insightful immersive documentaries, eagerly following her witty Twitter account and regularly checking up on her website (and subsequently coveting her entire wardrobe- girl got style) Cherry Healey is certainly more than just the Belle of BBC3.

Having watched her give birth, get married, go dating and swim in the nude (all without having actually met her) it was pretty surreal, and equally amazing to finally meet the lady herself, minus a television around her head and who, I can confirm is equally as beautiful in the flesh. After settling down with a pot of Earl Grey (in the finest of tea pots) we got chatting to talk style, wardrobe malfunctions, an unexpected Christian Dior smoking jacket and lots of Vita Coco…


So Cherry, how would you describe your day-to-day style?
I wish my day-to-day style was something different to what it was, I think in my head I would like to look really eclectic and interesting. I think one of my favourite types of style is quite sleek, lots of black and gold, lots of trash jewellery, messy hair! But I do kind of flip between two styles; one if kind of sporty hip-hop- I love that ghetto style. The other is slightly more grown up; sleek, lots of leather, black, silk, studs and lots of chunky gold jewellery- those are the two styles that I flip in and out of.

They kind of blend quite nicely though…
Totally. They do, like today I’ve got my high-tops on but then I have lots of jewellery and a silk shift. However, I quite often leave the house and then catch my reflection in the mirror and go, ‘Oh no! This isn’t in any way what I meant’- and I hate that feeling. That’s why I quite enjoy doing the ‘fashion maths’ thing, because the reason I started doing that is because I would look at girls and would think, ‘how did you know how to put that together’- some girls just understand the maths of fashion. What goes with what. Like a big top with skinny jeans, the balance. I love the whole process of creating a look- it’s the best thing about being a girl. Sometimes though, I look at my husband and he puts on jeans and a t shirt, and I get really jealous! So I’ll go through a phase of wearing the same, and I love that too. But then I’ll get really hungry again for doing something creative.

And where’s your favourite place to shop?
Realistic with budget, and the money I have now- Topshop. It’s so predictable but affordable. They do have some really cool interesting stuff, and some crazy stuff in their boutique, and amazing chunky jewellery. You can go in the Oxford Street one and disappear and just create something amazing. If money was no object, then I actually adore the clothes here (202, Nicole Farhi), I love them. I also love Joseph- but that’s really expensive! If I had billions I would love to shop in Céline; minimalist, grown up and edgy- and not too girly.

What is the most surprisingly thing in your wardrobe?
Probably a Christian Dior jacket and a Christian Dior shirt! My mum was throwing out some stuff, I think they’d been in her wardrobe for decades, and I rescued them from this bin liner! They’re not the most amazing items you’ve ever seen, but there is something about a vintage piece like that which I do wear occasionally, really has so much sentiment and I really do love the woman who gave them to my mum. Also, from the same situation, I have a velvet Christian Dior smoking jacket- which I think is one of my favourite items that I’ve ever owned, that is really beautiful.

Amazing! And what is your most worn item?
My denim jacket that I’m wearing today! I wear this on a daily basis. It’s soft and warm and I think I look quite good with things with a collar, or something slightly tailored. Also, my Spandex leggings! I wear those almost every day, and my high top trainers!


Can’t go wrong! Who is your fashion girl crush?
Oh god so many! I love Laura Bailey, I think she dresses really elegantly, and she’s not afraid to be a bit adventurous. Kate Blanchett, I just adore her, she’s a real role model of mine- she’s elegant, she has real poise, she’s fun, intelligent and has a really strong sense of family, but yet she’s still cool. I think as a mum, I really look to mums who are still edgy and kind of visible. I think that’s my big hang up about motherhood, is that I don’t want to become invisible. I also love people like Sarah Beeny, who don’t care what they look like- there’s something about women on television who just always look great in just jeans and a t shirt and very simple looks. I love all of those women can still sit in the same sphere.

I agree! What are you happiest when shopping for?
I hate shopping for underwear, it’s a massive faff, it feels really pointless and never fits quite as well as you hope it will. I really don’t wear them very much, but I love shopping for dresses. I hate shopping for jeans- on a par with underwear! I don’t understand why jeans are our staple because they really are unforgiving. If I’m feeling really svelte I might brave my jeans, but otherwise they can be really unkind to ladies thighs! I love dress shopping though…

It’s so satisfying when you buy a nice dress isn’t it? Like a whole outfit!
It’s the job done! It’s a real gold mine for me, so when it happens, I’m really excited. The other thing is a good jumpsuit. It’s so hard to find one that suits you, as everyone’s top and bottom are different, so when you get a good one- it’s outfit done.

I know, mission accomplished! Is there anything you wish you’d ever worn?
I don’t know if there is! I wore some dodgy things when I was growing up. I had three brothers, so I had a lot of their hand me downs. I used to get their jeans and cut them off and wear them with DM boots- I was twelve at the time so I looked ridiculous, but it was the beginning of my shorts and boots love, so even though I looked ridiculous I’m glad I did it!

What would you never wear on t.v?
I’d never wear something really ‘look at me, look at me!’ because although I can be really adventurous in my home life, on t.v I’m generally aware of how I’m going to be on film. If I’m going to go and film someone in a really sad situation, I won’t wear a neon shirt, because the outfit is so secondary to the content! I suppose you dress for every occasion, and its the same with filming and just being aware of what I’m going to film.

So true. What is your man repelling outfit?
Girls dress, I think, primarily for other girls. Sometimes I dress for men, but I probably dress 80% for girls. I often come out and say to my husband, ‘ta-da! what do you think?’ and he’ll go ‘no, it’s weird, I don’t like it’ and I think, ‘I do, I think a girl would look at this and think it’s cool!’ Like knee high socks with brogues, I really love, or a really beautiful silk printed shapeless dress. Things that basically hide your body but look really cool! Weird, crazy outfits I adore- but definitely not sexy.


Is there one item that you will save for your daughter one day?
Such a nice question! My mum once gave me a perfectly formed Chanel handbag, which she’s had for decades. I was in her room, and we were just chatting, and she just gave it to me. I didn’t ask for it, I wasn’t expecting it but it was just this little moment between us. I know it sounds really stupid, but there was definitely some meaning in it and it was quite a significant time; a really nice emotional exchange. It’s beautiful and I use it all the time, but I will look after it so well and it will definitely go to Coco.

She’s a lucky little girl! Is there currently a beauty of fashion product you are obsessed with?
Yes! Sarah Chapmans overnight facial- Holy Moly! I’m also obsessed with Vita Coco, Coconut water- it’s changed my life! I used to be a bit obsessed with milk; but I now drink coconut water instead. It has the same kind of satisfying feel but I think it’s probably better for me, and it’s really hydrating and delicious. That and the Sarah Chapman cream!

I will definitely try it! What advice would you give to yourself ten years ago?
Don’t start dieting! Stop it! Just eat natural healthy food. It’s taken me up until probably a couple of years ago to understand that, however much I eat, if I do in on a fas, stupid diet I will it back on and some and then I’ll have to do something else that’s crazy! Just eat the most natural goods you possibly can. Only eat chocolate once in a while, but then go crazy once in a while! I live by the 80/20 rule now, but it took me years and years to get there. I’ll make light of it now, but in my twenties I felt really distraught- I’d watch other girls feeling happy and good about their bodies and feel so stressed all of the time- but just don’t start it. Eat healthy food and love your body.

Beautiful words! And finally, what’s the best advice your mums ever given you?
So much good advice. My favourite shopping advice she’s ever given me is, even if it’s in the sale, it’s not cheap if you didn’t want it in the first place. Like even if something was £1000 and it’s not £50 you’re still paying £50 for something you didn’t necessarily need!

Wise words Cherry!

For more wise words, visit Cherry’s site here and follow her on Twitter here.


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