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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...

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5 Minutes With: Lydia Rose Bright

(nice flat hair Liv)

Okay, I admit it I love the Only Way Is Essex. I’m not (always) proud to say it, and usually reality television hits a nerve with me, but hey, it’s addictive, light-hearted and usually a giggle- what’s not to like? Additionally, like a good film, you become a little entwined with the characters lives, and if there’s starring ladies; fascinated by their wardrobes. With programmes like TOWIE (check my T.V abbreviation skills) it’s slightly different; with style often being associated with anything over the top, bodycon, maybe velour (obviously with white Louboutins in tow), it’s easy to sweep the ladies of the show with the generic style brush and see no further.

However, one of the main ladies, Lydia Bright, offers a different slant on this stereotype. Okay, so she may not necessarily be understated (a girl can still wear heels by the pool, ok?) and like any other fashion loving 21 year old, a love of high street brands is apparent, but teaming upcoming labels like 18 & East and Virgos Lounge with her classic ladylike and vintage inspired style bring a little something not often seen in the shows cast.


After paying a visit to Essex a couple of weeks back, I was determined and intrigued to pop into Lydia’s very own fashion emporium Bella Sorella in Loughton (fuelled of course, by glittery cupcakes, floaty frocks, diamanté encrusted crockery and fragrant candles) , and meet the lady herself to see what exactly inspires her day to day style …

So, when did you first become interested in fashion?
I always grew up around fashion. My nan, aunt and mum were all buyers, so I was just bought up into it, beginning a great passion and interest.

How would you describe your style in 5 words?
I’d say fifties inspired, girlie, floaty, colourful (I never wear black) and glam.

For those that haven’t visited, how would you describe Bella Sorella?
Bella Sorella encapsulates my personal style. It’s very vintage inspired- beautiful and what you’d probably say is a little girls dream. It’s very pretty, with lots of cupcakes, chintzy home wares and lots of pretty clothes- which I wear a lot of!

Who, or what inpires your personal style?
I’d probably say my oldest style icon is Carrie Bradshaw. I loved her when I was growing up, but have also grown to love the 50’s, particularly, Brigitte Bardor and Marylin Monroe.


Which are your favourite shops?
High street wise, I love Miss Selfridge, Virgos Lounge, New Look for basics and of course, my own shop!

Which are your favourite upcoming brands?
Virgos Lounge! They only really began in the last year, and I love literally love everything from the Look Books!

What’s next for Lydia?
So at the moment, I’m in progress of designing my own clothes range. I’ve been holding out a lot, but have been studying different designers and the catwalks at London Fashion Week to help me with working on my own collection. It should be out around Autumn/Winter and it’s a bit like me really, with lots of tailoring, rich velvets and autumnal burgundies and purples.



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