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My first year of blogging and my first venture of documenting everything I wore from sixth form uniform, collections I loved and everything from my teenage bedroom (with a few interesting fashion statements made)...


to dip or to dye?

It’s getting to that time of the year, when my hair is due for a nice big trim and hopefully (when I can afford it) get it dyed! The thing is, I’m in two minds about what to do to it (don’t worry this isn’t a post regarding my hair dilemmas!). So, i’m naturally incredibly dark, but for about a year have been getting it dyed a bronze chestnutty colour because it compliments my skin tone, eyes- what have you. Thing is, there seems to be a new styling trend sweeping our barnets- a little thing called ‘dip dying’ (basically light ends and really dark roots- which is what my hair is approaching).

If you read magazines, or spend ages aimlessly searching the internet- you’ll get what I mean. Alexa’s been doing it for ages (of course she has I hear you cry), and now Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson and co have also started ‘repping’ the look. So what do to do? Dye your hair back to a rich all over colour or instead go lighter and leave the roots? The latter seems the most ‘fashion forward’ option, but even so- reheads were a fashion statement a Mulberry for SS11. Hmm, what do you think?


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