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My Beauty Pie Festive Favourites (and Gift Ideas) – AD

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I’ve spoken about my love of Beauty Pie numerous times in the past; whether that’s shouting about my love of their cleansing balm to anyone who will listen on Instagram (it’s really, really the best), telling Joe to ‘GIVE THIS A WHIFF’ when lighting another new Clean House candle, to covering all things skincare with my mum. They are true experts at what they do, and no less as Christmas rolls around and the Beauty Pie elves bring out the Christmas offerings too.

So! Today I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite products, and a few further little gift ideas from one of my favourite beauty destinations. Whether you’re buying for someone in need of some good TLC and downtime, or a true glam-getter; there’s something for everyone (and yourself too, naturally).

But- on the off chance you haven’t heard about Beauty Pie; or are new to them, let me give you a quick run down…

In short…

Beauty Pie is the first ever luxury beauty members club that gives you access to brilliantly high-quality, luxury beauty products from the worlds leading beauty labs (the same ones that are used by the biggest names), without breaking the bank. They have the most incredible range of skincare, makeup, fragrances, haircare, body care, candles and more (like, really a lot more).

To make things affordable, they cut out the middlemen (e.g expensive packaging and huge mark ups) to give you products at lab direct cost which means you can access high quality beauty, at a reasonable cost (all from the most prestigious labs across Switzerland, Italy, Korea and more).

You can pay annually for £59 (which means you can access the products at cost price), pay monthly, or simply pay the full price too. It’s that easy- and the membership pretty much pays for itself too. If you did want to sign up, Beauty Pie are offering £10 off of your membership using the code ‘LIVPURVISSENTME’ when signing up as a new member!


Anyway- without further ado…

I’ve categorised things for two types of people, the ones who love going out out (and, lets be honest- the getting ready process which is absolutely at least 80% of the fun) and the ones who love nothing more than pulling out their finest towelling, striking a match and cosying up to some seasonal Nora Ephron with a glass of something warm (and/or fizzy).


For the Saturday spent on the town…

The palette:  For the ultimate do-it-all eyeshadow palette (whether you’re more of a smoky or subtle person, this puts the work in)- the Push Your Luxe Palette is incredible for some seriously pretty looks.

The fragrance: Okay, so the Beauty Pie fragrances are pretty special and this Mandarin Leaf, Freesia & White Cedar eau de parfum is chefs kiss. I’m no nose when it comes to describing scents, but if you were in a reaaaaally posh hotel room I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t smell dissimilar to this. Clean, zesty and fresh- it’s the perfect all round scent and costs £21 for members (!)

The lipsticks: a.k.a the ultimate stocking filler. Lipsticks are the pyjamas of the beauty world. There’s something so fun about opening one and wanting to put it on straight away. My favourite shades are Heartthrob Pink and Red Light red.

and for the Sunday spent in your slippers…

The Eyemask: Does anything say luxury Christmas pressie like a silk eye mask? The ultimate ‘crikey I’d love that but would never buy one for myself’ present. See in the 25th in full blown Holly Golightly style with this beautiful festive number. Ooft.

The Candles: You’ll already know by now I am a sucker for a candle. The two topping my list from Beauty Pie this year are Clean House (because truly if I can’t have the real thing, this is absolutely the second best) and their festive Gingerbread, Almond and Orange Blossom candle. Both absolutely fill a room without even being lit and are the perfect warming scents.

The Skincare: Some of my favourite all time skincare comes from Beauty Pie, and despite swearing by their Plantastic Cleansing Balm (it’s the ultimate do-it-all cleanser which I am never without a tub of); they have so much on offer that would make the perfect pressie. A couple of favourites would be their Japanfusion 10 minute miracle sheet mask (the perfect little treat gift, and perfect for a cosy evening in), the Japanfusion Genius Lift Exlir (because if British Vogue say it’s the ‘ultimate skincare saviour’ who am I to argue?) And their Superdrops too for the perfect boost of hydration post cleanse. There’s something so spoiling about the gift of skincare, and I know it’s something so many won’t treat themselves to- so this feels like a true treat to open to make every night feel like a little mini spa facial.


The Bodycare: The Super Healthy Skin range is something I’ve heard so many gorgeous things about, and after taking them for a spin can confirm: it’s nothing but good news for this power duo of body cream and shower gel. Nourishing, super absorbent and so smoothing you’ll have to stop yourself from saying ‘FEEL HOW SOFT MY LEGS ARE!’ (a real story)- and at under a tenner, the perfect gift too.


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