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British Summer Time Beauty

*post contains beauty samples

It’s been a sweet while since I’ve done a full beauty run down on here hasn’t it? I feel like there have been so many products I’ve been head over heels for and launches that I’ve been so excited about- but haven’t had a moment to properly share them.

Fortunately, in the time I’ve been wedding planning, writing and playing catch up- I’ve had a real opportunity to take things for a proper test run- from hormones to heat-waves, so everything here comes tried and tested and sealed with the WOD seal of approval just in time for late summer picnics and trips to the coast.

So, much like a summer wardrobe comes a handful of new summer beauty products. Items you’ve perhaps had stashed away for when your skin needs a bit of breathing space, a little more protection or something dewier for a real ‘oh this glow? Totally all natural babes!’

Unlike a chunky wool jumper and some itchy vintage trousers- I don’t think a pigmented shadow or thick foundation needs to be stashed away as soon as the sun comes out, but I do think it’s nice to take a change in season as an opportunity to play around with some new things and embrace a little change (for e.g, I’ve definitely adopted more of a Katie Jane Hughes glow approach since it’s been warmer)! There’s also a handful of collaborations that have made a timely entrance into my collection- and all of which have become firm weekly favourites in a pretty much never-changing routine- so I hope you enjoy discovering them as much as I have…

Fresh Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash:

Having loved Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser for as long as I can remember, adding this jam-like gem to my collection has been a welcomed summer treat. I normally put it on as I shower, and then massage it into the skin so the sugar can melt into the skin and the strawberry exfoliate gently. It’s the ultimate clean-feeling cleanser and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and soft without any tightness.

Goutal Garden Hand Balm:

One thing I neglect when it comes to skin and body care, despite being comfortably into adulthood, is my hands. I feel like most ‘together’ women have a hand cream on their desk or handbag- and despite trying to maintain the habit, it always slips. Enter this Goutal handcream, which not only looks beautiful but has the most heavenly ‘English garden’ scent and is the most nourishing hand cream I’ve tried- which means despite being a serial nail-picker, I’m far more inclined to keep them looking presentable when this power player is on the scene.

Darphin Hydraskin Cooling Hydrating Stick:

When it’s warm this little cooling and hydrating stick is a JOY. A little like 4head’s chicer more into beauty sister (without the headache curing properties), this product is the perfect pick-me-up during the day for dull looking make-up- and revives and adds a dewy look with this ‘water-rich blend of hyaluronic acid’- which means you can sweep it over your face during the day (or before application) for a glowy, awake look when you might be feeling quite the opposite.

Pai Hello Sunshine Sunscreen:

A new one for this summer, I have comfortably fallen head over heels for Pai’s dreamy new Hello Sunshine SPF. Having spoken about it endlessly over on Instagram- it’s proved to be a true skin saver when the warm weather strikes (although I do recommend wearing it every day under make up). Not only is it SPF 30, anti whitening, non greasy and reef friendly- but it’s made for sensitive skin, meaning that if any other SPF’s have proven to unsettle your skin, this is certainly worth a try.

Oskia Renaissance Body Scrub:

Emma Hoareau is the beauty big sister we all bloody love, and her collaboration with Oskia on a delicious body scrub is nothing short of dreamy. Being a gal who neglects a good all-over exfoliate, this can be applied pre-bath or shower, and left to soak off- leaving you with silky skin and a mineral water soak to boot. Plus, it smells amazing- what more could a lazy pamper-loving gal need?

When it comes to scent, the lighter, sweeter and fruiter- the better for yours truly. It’s not just summer that I pull out the sunshine smells, but all year round- and this year my heart has truly fallen for this act. Typically when opting for fragrance I’m someone that likes something fresh yet warm- and over the years I’ve certainly realised those like that are the ones I come back to again and again. This year one of my comfortable favourites is Jo Malone’s Frangipani Flower, one that I paired on my wedding day and smells like summer. I’ve also been loving their limited edition Nettle & Wild Achillea scent, which is green and garden fresh whilst maintaining a soft musky scent I so often fall for too.

Two newer scent additions for me include Aerin’s Aegea Blossom perfume which combines bergamot and orange flowers with musk and sandalwood (and is said to be inspired by ‘blue seas and cool breezes’, which is always a winner for me) and Atelier Colonge’s Clementine California– a rich sunny scent that is every big zingy as it is fruity. Both smell like summer holidays, and always bring a bit of brightness to a rainy British summer morning (especially if I don’t forget to spritz before a commute too).

Estee Lauder Oh Naturelle! Face & Eye Palette By Violette:

There are few beauty collaborations I get desperately excited about, but Violette’s collection for Estee Lauder was something this gal was k-e-e-n on. Being Violette’s biggest YouTube fan, any excuse to try and emulate the effortless French girl look I was DOWN for. Fortunately, this palette makes that all so incredibly easy, and after being in a cream blush hole for about a year, have fallen in love with these colours and formulations for a true does it all palette (I even use this on eyes to match the blush which I think is too if I do say so myself).

Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation:

I’m a bit late to the Dior beauty party, but diving in with their Backstage foundation has been a pretty good start  (along with their gorgeous bronzer too). Giving medium coverage with a healthy glow, it’s the perfect foundation for ultimate ‘no make up skin’, that’s comfortable enough to feel like you’ve gone bare faced with the added confidence of a really beautiful coverage. Win win.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Oil Free Cream:

If you’re in need of some coverage and protection this summer than I cannot recommend the IT Cosmetics CC cream enough. Although this is the oil free version, I equally love the original just as much- and can’t recommend it for SPF and colour correction enough (without being super thick or heavy). Another alternative is the Clinique Moisture Surge Sheer Tint Hydrator which is also pretty lovely indeed, albeit with lighter coverage.

Glossier Play Vinylic Lip:

As soon as I heard about Glossier Play I was ALL EARS. As a lover of colour (as well as something more natural) I was so excited to dive in and try everything. Starting with their Vinylic lip colours, ‘Casino’ red and the ‘Blow Up’ pink shade have been two of my most used lip colours of the last few months. Perfect if you want a ‘just bitten’ look, or layered up for something more seventies, lacquered and statement. I typically use them for a ‘ooooh is that your natural lip colour’ look and have been so impressed. Love at first lip.

Bobbi Brown x Ulla Johnson: 

Okay maybe I told a porkie about beauty collaborations, because although it came out a little while ago, the Bobbi Brown x Ulla Johnson collection is absolutely beautiful. Although you could easily fall in love with the packaging, the colours and products themselves are stand alone beautiful. One of my hero pieces has to be the cheek palette, which comes with an oil, cream highlight and blush. The highlight has been my absolute go to over the past few weeks and is the perfect subtle yet healthy way for a really beautiful dewy make up finish.



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