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Defying Dry Skin

One of my major skin qualms is dryness. I don’t necessarily suffer from oily, or spot prone skin (only during ‘my time’, ahem)- but dryness is the first reaction my skin has to everything; be it lack of water, exposure to sunshine or even lack of moisturiser (which, I’ve been prone to forget from time to time- eek)! So, upon working with Burt’s Bees over the last few months, to wrap everything up- I’ve been sampling their new Intense Hydration collection- a range created and packed with natural ingredients, with it’s sole purpose to rehydrate tired and sad looking skin- the challenge is on, Burt’s! So, after giving them a go I thought I’d document some first impressions of the products- in hope that if anyone else suffers with similar #skinprobs we can battle the parch together!

The Intense Hydration Cleanser…
Burts Bees Defy Dry Skin Campaign
Burts Bees Defy Dry Skin Campaign
Burts Bees Defy Dry Skin Campaign

So, first things first- cleansing! Although it usually takes me a while to appreciate the quality of a new product, this little number swept me off of my feet (and that’s not mentioning the delicious scent). It felt like it scrubbed and softened all in one- and left my skin feeling squeaky clean- the perfect balance of gentle treatment and performance. Joe also took it for a spin, and although stated that it felt like ‘yoghurt’ (this is a boy who doesn’t know massive amounts about skin care)- commented on how soft his skin felt too, which is saying something!

The Intense Hydration Eye Cream…
Burts Bees Defy Dry Skin Campaign

Now, I’m usually a little lazy for eye cream- but things are going to be done properly from here on in! After spotting the cream a little under my eyes (super gently, FYI)- the super delicate cream absorbed rapidly, and left no grease or any residue behind- making a perfect lightweight base for any under eye concealer, top marks (also, how cool is the pen like applicator?! More like this please)!

The Intense Hydration Day Lotion…
Burts Bees Defy Dry Skin Campaign

Now, this little bottle packs a punch- and in a good way! A little can take your face a long way, so after applying a pea sized amount, I was able to massage this day cream all over- leaving my skin feeling like it’d had somewhat of a mini-facial. Although this felt quite thick for a day cream, it absorbed into my skin leaving no residue- perhaps running with the fact that my skin literally drank it up (hohoho)!

The Intense Hydration Night Cream…
Burts Bees Defy Dry Skin Campaign

Thicker than the day lotion, the night cream makes for a perfect night time treat. With all of the products containing Clary Sage (a plant that thrives in dry environments due to it’s ability to retain moisture)- it oozes a pretty gorgeous fragrance (which makes sense, as it’s also been known to be used in aromatherapy and essential oils) as well as moisturising the driest patches of my skin (read: forehead).
The Intense Hydration Treatment Mask…
Burts Bees Defy Dry Skin Campaign

And finally- the treatment mask! Although this is definitely more of a ‘once a week’ treat (or when I’m needing a little extra TLC)- this mask is a multi use maverick of sorts. As well as promising to reduce fine lines and keep skin more watered than your window boxes- not only can you use it as a face mask of sorts, but you can leave it on overnight for a full on face-drink and the perfect way to refresh your skin after a long week- pretty dreamy indeed!

I hope this sheds a little light on the new collection for any mutually dry ladies (or gents) out there! These are of course first impressions, but since using them have noticed make up sitting happier, as my skin has a better base and far less dryness- huzzah! You can keep up to date with more Burt’s Bees goodness on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram– as well as shop the collection here!

This post is in collaboration with Burt’s Bees, although all thoughts, (former) dry skin, and feels are my own


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