Europe Travel · September 12, 2018

Spending The Day In Saint-Emilion

Our second day in Bordeaux had another road trip in store for us. With Joe’s sister Lucy having visited numerous times before, the suggestion of a visit to local town Saint-Emilion cropped up, and trusting her judgment implicitly- got very much on board with a day trip there. I mean, what’s not to love about chateaus, wine tastings and canelé’s in abundance (and that’s without mentioning the scenery either)- trust me, it’s a beaut.

Having watched one too many BBC documentaries and travel shows (plus, thanks to Charlotte, Escape to the Chateau one too many times)- I’d like to think I’m pretty well acquainted with the French countryside for someone that’s never set foot in it.

Known as a UNESCO World Heritage site (I know, casual) and largely famed for it’s sweeping acres of vibrant vineyards and excellent selection and production of wine, Saint-Emilion feels straight out of Beauty & the Beast, with it’s market square one Belle and Gaston short of a total double take (there are probably plenty more accurate descriptions, but you know where I’m coming from, right?)

With some of the most stunning architecture I’d seen, this medieval town feels like so much more than a quick day trip, and you could easily get lost wandering around the cobbled streets and tiny shops with boulangeries poking out of odd corners. Although it is ideal if you fancy popping a cork or two (there is wine in abundance)- we made do with fresh baguettes in the square, people watching and totalling up our step counts with some serious sight seeing. Plus, Saint-Emilion is also known for the original French macaron, which although isn’t quite what you picture when you head to Ladurée, is the original almond sweet treat which you can find plenty of on a day trip here (now there’s some GBBO history for ya)!

After eventually winding our way back to the car as the afternoon got later, we set off back to Bordeaux for home made spaghetti as the sun went down. I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough if you’re heading to that part of France- it was literally just over 40 minutes in the car from the city centre, and really offered something different to a typical city break- which is always lovely! Take note, folks!


(Dress: Sezane)


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