Beauty · August 15, 2018

My Holiday Beauty Essentials

It feels like the more I travel, the more I know which products to endlessly turn back to time and time again- and the ones that truly deserve a huge holiday round of applause.

This year, I didn’t have time to sample a heap of shiny new in products- but instead, turned to my old faithful favourites- the ones I knew I could count on to take me from sand, to sea to slumber, and come out feeling fresh the other side. Some are things new in the last couple of months, and others things I’ve been using since I was holidaying with my family years ago- and I’m sure everyone has those good ol’ classics! What are the holiday staples you can use time and time again?

On that note, I thought I’d start with my favourite sun lotion- Reimann P20. Having used this for the last 7 or so years (and some), I know I can count on it when it comes to sun exposure. This year I picked up their factor 30, and although it states itself as being a once a day application, like to reapply when necessary (e.g after a swim, even though it’s waterproof) and have never burnt using it. Although I’m no expert when it comes to these things, this product has never let me or my family down- which I think is saying something. I’m always dubious with one a day sun lotions, so as always, do take extra caution in the sun (and use the appropriate SPF)- but this has always been a great place to start for me.

And of course, for afterwards comes this After Sun from Clarins. I’m not hugely choosy when it comes to after suns, but this gel formula is a wonderfully cooling and soothing solution for any heat or redness and feels incredibly moisturising if you’re feeling a little parched after a day of sun exposure.

Now! For scents! Every holiday I used to get particularly excited about picking up a perfume at duty free (Bronze Goddess I’m lookin’ at you), but of late I’ve established a couple of favourites that mean I don’t have to make any impulse purchases before take off, as tempting as it is. There’s definitely something about holiday scents that requires something coconutty, fruity and light- and both the Jo Malone Tropical Cherimoya and Tom Ford Soleil Blanc tick those boxes over and over again. With the latter being a little more floral and the former zesty and warm- they’re both such perfect holiday scents that’ll take you straight back to sandy toes and soaked swimmers.

The newest product to me was arguably the Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum cream (get the laughs out now, kids)! Don’t be fooled by the name either- for it’s neither just for your behind (nor does it have a pert promise)- but is simply just the most smoothing, rich moisturiser that truly leaves you feeling quenched and soft. It’s perfect for after a cool shower and I love using it on my legs and arms to really keep my skin soft and smelling delicious. Mmmm mmm!

Last but not least my favourite day to day lip balm, which certainly doesn’t get a break during holidays either. This lemon and sugar number from Fresh is the most hydrating balm I own- it not only lasts for ages and absorbs beautifully, but it makes for a great overnight lip treatment too, and always leaves my lips completely smooth- and the perfect base for lipsticks and other products, poifect!


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