Lifestyle Music · July 27, 2018

The Monthly Playlist: June

I feel like June flew by in a mist of new musical discoveries and one of my favourite albums of the year (from Florence, naturally). I fell in love with New Light by John Mayer (and not just for the music video alone) and YOTA after hearing them on Radio 6 (Jamie Klaxons, oh hi)! I also loved discovering Sports Team, rediscovering the new record from Wet and indulging in lots of chart goodness from George Ezra (who has summer road trip album of the year, FYI) and Years & Years (plus The Lightning Seeds, but I’ve withheld that for obvious reasons). Plus, there’s also a couple of bonus ABBA goodies on the playlist aswell, as I seemingly have forgotten to start a July playlist- and my indecent obsession with Mamma Mia 2! Is now leaking onto my Spotify playlists- what can ya do!



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